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A comedy series that centers with Ryan Newman and the dog of his neighbor named Wilfred who in his eyes see him as an Australian man who is wearing a dog suit. Stars Elijah Wood as Ryan, Jason Gann as the dog Wilfred, Fiona Gubelmann, and Dorian Brown. The show is based on the Australian television series with the same title.

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Jun/23/2011

Casts: Elijah Wood; Jason Gann; Dorian Brown; Fiona Gubelmann



Season 1

Wilfred (US) 1×01: Happiness
Wilfred (US) 1×02: Trust
Wilfred (US) 1×03: Fear
Wilfred (US) 1×04: Acceptance
Wilfred (US) 1×05: Respect
Wilfred (US) 1×06: Conscience
Wilfred (US) 1×07: Pride
Wilfred (US) 1×08: Anger
Wilfred (US) 1×09: Compassion
Wilfred (US) 1×10: Isolation
Wilfred (US) 1×11: Doubt
Wilfred (US) 1×12: Sacrifice
Wilfred (US) 1×13: Identity

Season 2

Wilfred (US) 2×01: Progress
Wilfred (US) 2×02: Letting Go
Wilfred (US) 2×03: Dignity
Wilfred (US) 2×04: Guilt
Wilfred (US) 2×05: Now
Wilfred (US) 2×06: Control
Wilfred (US) 2×07: Avoidance
Wilfred (US) 2×08: Truth
Wilfred (US) 2×09: Service
Wilfred (US) 2×10: Honesty
Wilfred (US) 2×11: Questions
Wilfred (US) 2×12: Resentment
Wilfred (US) 2×13: Secrets

Season 3

Wilfred (US) 3×01: Uncertainty
Wilfred (US) 3×02: Comfort
Wilfred (US) 3×03: Suspicion
Wilfred (US) 3×04: Sincerity
Wilfred (US) 3×05: Shame
Wilfred (US) 3×06: Delusion
Wilfred (US) 3×07: Intuition
Wilfred (US) 3×08: Perspective
Wilfred (US) 3×09: Confrontation
Wilfred (US) 3×10: Distance
Wilfred (US) 3×11: Stagnation
Wilfred (US) 3×12: Heroism
Wilfred (US) 3×13: Regrets

Season 4

Wilfred (US) 4×01: Amends
Wilfred (US) 4×02: Consequences
Wilfred (US) 4×03: Loyalty
Wilfred (US) 4×04: Answers
Wilfred (US) 4×05: Forward
Wilfred (US) 4×06: Patterns
Wilfred (US) 4×07: Responsibility
Wilfred (US) 4×08: Courage
Wilfred (US) 4×09: Resistance
Wilfred (US) 4×10: Happiness

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