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Adventure sets sail on the Unanchored as it follows best-friends Barrett Young, Chelsi Pugliese, Danielle McNeil, Evan Tauber, Korey Warzala, Max Craddock, Rachel McGowan, and Vanessa Cavanaugh as they embark on a life-changing journey filled with wanderlust and self-discovery. Led by their larger-than-life skipper, Captain Jack Royds, the crew attend one of the most coveted and exclusive "floating festivals," called "The BucketLust" where 350 people and 35 catamarans set sail to breath-taking locales throughout the Bahamas. On this annual trip, these friends jump in feet first by taking on all the work of the crew; from hoisting their own sails and tending the lines, to managing 100% of the cooking and cleaning. Every day brings a new stunning view and a thrilling excursion as they take dips with stingrays and swimming pigs, ride rocket-power jet boards and spend their nights partying until dawn. But it's not always smooth sailing for this group, as friendships are put to the test, long-distance couples are forced to see if their romance can survive 24/7 togetherness, and fiery exes try to coexist peacefully during their voyage. Between hidden jealousies and buried secrets, there's no shortage of drama with these friends as pent-up conflict between the crew finally comes to a head. For these wanderlusters, everyday life is flat, uninspiring and tolerable for only one reason: it allows them to travel the world together and party in spectacular locations a few times per year.


Start Date: Dec/3/2018




Season 1

Unanchored 1×01: Bon Voyage
Unanchored 1×02: Dick of the Day
Unanchored 1×03: Sink or Swim
Unanchored 1×04: A Storm is Coming
Unanchored 1×05: The Kiss of Death
Unanchored 1×06: Doomsday
Unanchored 1×07: Walk the Plank
Unanchored 1×08: Shark Bite
Unanchored 1×09: Return to Reality

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