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Brief Plot SUmmary

A French supernatural drama series that is set in a small Alpine village where those some of those living there find themselves in a state of confusion, as they attempt to return to their homes unaware of the fact they have been dead for quite a few years. It is not another zombie series but returning dead people from their graves.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Supernatural

Start Date: Jun/9/2013

Casts: Guillaume Gouix; Constance Dollé; Swann Nambotin; Céline Sallette; Brune Martin; Frédéric Pierrot; Matila Malliarakis; Jean-François Sivadier; Bertrand Constant; Jenna Thiam; Laetitia De Fombelle; Pierre Perrier; Alix Poisson; Yara Pilartz; Ana Girardot; Samir Guesmi; Anne Consigny; Grégory Gadebois; Clotilde Hesme



Season 1

The Returned 1×01: Camille
The Returned 1×02: Simon
The Returned 1×03: Julie
The Returned 1×04: Victor
The Returned 1×05: Serge et Toni
The Returned 1×06: Lucy
Les Revenants 1×07: Adele
The Returned 1×08: La horde

Season 2

The Returned 2×01: L’enfant
The Returned 2×02: Milan
The Returned 2×03: Morgane
The Returned 2×04: Virgil
The Returned 2×05: Madame Costa
The Returned 2×06: Esther
The Returned 2×07: Étienne
The Returned 2×08: Les Revenants

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