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Brief Plot SUmmary

Tatau is a supernatural murder mystery set on the Cook Islands. It follows friends from London who are travelling the world. When they get to the Cook Islands, Kyle sees the body of a girl tied up underwater. After returning with the police, the body has disappeared. Kyle soon realizes he can see into the future, as he and his friend Budgie attempt to stop the killing from happening.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Fantasy

Start Date: Apr/12/2015

Casts: Joe Layton; Theo Barklem Biggs



Season 1

Tatau 1×01: Episode 1
Tatau 1×02: Episode 2
Tatau 1×03: Episode 3
Tatau 1×04: Episode 4
Tatau 1×05: Episode 5
Tatau 1×06: Episode 6
Tatau 1×07: Episode 7
Tatau 1×08: Episode 8

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