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Brief Plot SUmmary

Greg Davies is the Taskmaster, and with the help of his ever-loyal assistant Alex Horne, they will set out to test the wiles, wit, wisdom and skills of five hyper-competitive comedians; Frank Skinner, Josh Widdicombe, Roisin Conaty, Tim Key and Romesh Ranganathan. Who will be crowned the Taskmaster champion in this brand new game show?

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Jul/28/2015




Season 1

Taskmaster 1×01: Melon Buffet
Taskmaster 1×02: The Pie Whisperer
Taskmaster 1×03: The Poet and the Egg
Taskmaster 1×04: Down an Octave
Taskmaster 1×05: Little Denim Shorts
Taskmaster 1×06: The Last Supper

Season 2

Taskmaster 2×01: Fear of Failure
Taskmaster 2×02: Pork is a Sausage
Taskmaster 2×03: A Pistachio Eclair
Taskmaster 2×04: Welcome to Rico Face
Taskmaster 2×05: There’s Strength in Arches

Season 3

Taskmaster 3×01: Pea in a Haystack
Taskmaster 3×02: The Dong and the Gong
Taskmaster 3×03: Little Polythene Grief Cave
Taskmaster 3×04: A Very Nuanced Character
Taskmaster 3×05: The Fip

Season 4

Taskmaster 4×01: A Fat Bald White Man
Taskmaster 4×02: Look at Me
Taskmaster 4×03: Hollowing Out a Baguette
Taskmaster 4×04: Friendship is Truth
Taskmaster 4×05: Meat
Taskmaster 4×06: Spatchcock it
Taskmaster 4×07: No Stars for Naughty Boys
Taskmaster 4×08: Tony Three Pies

Season 5

Taskmaster 5×01: Dignity Intact
Taskmaster 5×02: The Leprechaun or the Lesbian
Taskmaster 5×03: Phoenix
Taskmaster 5×04: Residue Around the Hoof
Taskmaster 5×05: A Wind-Dried Puffin
Taskmaster 5×06: Spoony Neeson
Taskmaster 5×07: Boing Boing
Taskmaster 5×08: Their Water’s So Delicious

Season 6

Taskmaster 6×01: The Old Soft, Curved Padlock
Taskmaster (UK) 6×02: Tarpeters
Taskmaster (UK) 6×03: One Warm Prawn
Taskmaster (UK) 6×04: BMXing!
Taskmaster (UK) 6×05: H
Taskmaster (UK) 6×06: We Met At Mealtimes
Taskmaster (UK) 6×07: Roadkill Doused In Syrup
Taskmaster (UK) 6×08: What Kind Of Pictures?
Taskmaster (UK) 6×09: The Bubble Brothers
Taskmaster (UK) 6×10: He Was A Different Man

Season 7

Taskmaster (UK) 7×01: The Mean Bean
Taskmaster (UK) 7×02: My Eyes are Circles
Taskmaster (UK) 7×03: Twelve Blush Majesty Two
Taskmaster (UK) 7×04: OLLIE.
Taskmaster (UK) 7×05: Lotta Soup
Taskmaster (UK) 7×06: A Coquettish Fascinator
Taskmaster (UK) 7×07: The Perfect Stuff
Taskmaster (UK) 7×08: Mother Honks Her Horn
Taskmaster (UK) 7×09: The Pendulum Draws the Eye
Taskmaster (UK) 7×10: I Can Hear it Gooping

Season 8

Taskmaster (UK) 8×01: Hello
Taskmaster (UK) 8×02: A Novel About Russian Gulags
Taskmaster (UK) 8×03: Stuck in a Mammal Groove
Taskmaster (UK) 8×04: The Barrel Dad
Taskmaster (UK) 8×05: Stay Humble
Taskmaster (UK) 8×06: Rock ‘n’ Roll Umlaut
Taskmaster (UK) 8×07: This is Trevor
Taskmaster (UK) 8×08: Aquatic Sewing Machine
Taskmaster (UK) 8×09: I’ve Been a Bit Ill.
Taskmaster (UK) 8×10: Clumpsy Swayey Clumsy Man

Season 9

Taskmaster (UK) 9×01: Join Our Cult
Taskmaster (UK) 9×02: Butter in the Microwave
Taskmaster (UK) 9×03: Five Miles Per Day
Taskmaster (UK) 9×04: Quisps
Taskmaster (UK) 9×05: Another Spoon
Taskmaster (UK) 9×06: Bready Bready Bready
Taskmaster (UK) 9×07: A Cuddle
Taskmaster (UK) 9×08: Shaqinahat
Taskmaster (UK) 9×09: Don’t Like Them to Go Bang
Taskmaster (UK) 9×10: Think About the Spirit

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