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When you think of upscale interior design, chances are Oklahoma City isn't the first place that comes to mind. Sweet Home's Jennifer Welch changed that mindset when she became the go-to choice for high-end, creative vision in the local market and eventually throughout the country. Over the last two decades, she has built the interior design business that bears her name from the ground up. Jennifer Welch Designs thrives on both her passion and the contributions of a young, dedicated team – Alex Hodges, Sarah Moll and Sabah Khan – as they transform lackluster homes and offices into breathtaking spaces. Wild antics aplenty, this series documents their creative process and the practical challenges they face with each project, ultimately resulting in breathtaking reveals for their clients. Beyond her success in business, Jennifer's "happily unmarried" relationship with ex-husband Josh Welch remains solid and her bond with quirky best friend Angie "Pumps" Sullivan keep everyone laughing.


Start Date: Mar/20/2017




Season 1

Sweet Home 1×01: The Good, The Bad and the Ok
Sweet Home 1×02: The Dating Shame
Sweet Home 1×03: Hanky Pranky
Sweet Home 1×04: The Sippy Cup Saga
Sweet Home 1×05: Shrub Hubbub
Sweet Home 1×06: Animal King-Dumb
Sweet Home 1×07: Mama Drama
Sweet Home 1×08: Happily Never After
Sweet Home 1×09: Angela’s Angus
Sweet Home 1×10: New Mexico, Old Problems
Sweet Home 1×11: Pumps Strikes Back
Sweet Home 1×12: LGBTQIA-OK
Sweet Home 1×13: Boys to Men
Sweet Home 1×14: Make America Skate Again
Sweet Home 1×15: War of the Welches
Sweet Home 1×16: Moving Out & Moving On

Season 2

Sweet Home 2×01: TBA

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