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Brief Plot SUmmary

A sketch comedy show set in the fictional neighbourhood of Sunnyside, a community in transition, featuring people from all walks of life. Stars Pat Thornton, Patrice Goodman, Alice Moran, Kevin Vidal, Kathleen Phillips, Rob Norman, and Norm Macdonald.

Genre: Comedy, Sketch/Improv

Start Date: Jan/08/2015

Casts: Kathleen Phillips; Pat Thornton; Patrice Goodman; Alice Moran; Kevin Vidal; Rob Norman



Season 1

Sunnyside 1×01: The Top Hat
Sunnyside 1×02: Ponies
Sunnyside 1×03: Baxter
Sunnyside 1×04: The Exploding Moon
Sunnyside 1×05: Chain Gang
Sunnyside 1×06: Clowns
Sunnyside 1×07: War is Hell
Sunnyside 1×08: Volcano
Sunnyside 1×09: Hole Day
Sunnyside 1×10: Bobo
Sunnyside 1×11: Shaytan’s Nemesis
Sunnyside 1×12: Sunnyside Tours
Sunnyside 1×13: The Rapture

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