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Brief Plot SUmmary

Dane is 29, ambitious, frustrated and very funny. He still lives with his parents in a crammed box room which he shares with his Mum's cleaning equipment. He's a twin, which guarantees that any affection, support and enjoyment in his homelife has always been split in half. Alongside Kadean, his twin sister, Dane's nemesis is his boss, Steve, who represents everything that Dane is determined to escape from.Dane needs his salary if he's ever going to break away from his privacy-free homelife, but he's desperate to follow his dream. Driven on by personal ambition, the support of his girlfriend, Nicola and best friend Sam, today could finally be the day when everything's about to change...

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Nov/13/2016




Season 1

Sunny D 1×01: D Is For Declarations
Sunny D 1×02: D Is For Desire
Sunny D 1×03: D Is For Drastic Times
Sunny D 1×04: D Is For Dreams

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