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Brief Plot SUmmary

Sophia lives in a quiet small town with her mom, Beth. That is until she convinces Hollywood's biggest movie star - Craig Brooks - and his family to live in her house while he shoots his next blockbuster movie! Everyone's lives are turned upside down under one giant roof, especially Craig's kids - Phoenix, Diamond and Bo who are used to a more glamorous life style. Diamond and Sophia are very different, but they can see there are definitely some sparks between their parents and will do anything (with the help of friends and family) to make them fall in love.

Genre: Comedy, Family

Start Date: Mar/31/2018




Season 1

Star Falls 1×01: The Celebrity Setup
Star Falls 1×02: The Everything Wash
Star Falls 1×03: The Assistant
Star Falls 1×04: The Birthday
Star Falls 1×05: The Owl Bomb

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