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Brief Plot SUmmary

"Speechless" is about a family with a special-needs child described as being "good at dealing with the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones."

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Sep/21/2016




Season 1

Speechless 1×01: P-i-Pilot
Speechless 1×02: N-e–New A-i–Aide
Speechless 1×03: B-o-n–Bonfire
Speechless 1×04: I-n-s–Inspirations
Speechless 1×05: H-a-l–Halloween
Speechless 1×06: D-a-t-e–Date?
Speechless 1×07: T-h-a–Thanksgiving
Speechless 1×08: R-a-y-c–Ray-Cation
Speechless 1×09: S-l–Sled H-o–Hockey
Speechless 1×10: C-h-o–Choir
Speechless 1×11: R-o–Road T-r–Trip
Speechless 1×12: H-e-r– Hero
Speechless 1×13: S-i – Sick D-a– Day
Speechless 1×14: V-a-l– Valentine’s D-a– Day
Speechless 1×15: T-h– The C-l– Club
Speechless 1×16: O-s– Oscar P-a– Party
Speechless 1×17: S-u-r– Surprise
Speechless 1×18: D-i – Ding
Speechless 1×19: C-h– Cheater!
Speechless 1×20: R-u-n– Runaway
Speechless 1×21: P-r– Prom
Speechless 1×22: M-a– May-jay
Speechless 1×23: C-a– Camp

Season 2

Speechless 2×01: W-e– We’re B-a– Back!
Speechless 2×02: F-i– First S-e– Second F– First Day
Speechless 2×03: J-J’s D-r– Dream
Speechless 2×04: T-r– Training D-a– Day
Speechless 2×05: N-i– Nightmares On D-i– Dimeo S-street
Speechless 2×06: S-h– Shipping
Speechless 2×07: B-r-i– British I-n-v– Invasion
Speechless 2×08: B-i– Bikini U-n– University
Speechless 2×09: S-t– Star W– Wars W– Wars
Speechless 2×10: S-i– Silent N-i– Night
Speechless 2×11: N-e– New Y– Year’s E– Eve
Speechless 2×12: The H-u-s– Hustle
Speechless 2×13: D-i– Dimeo A-c– Academy
Speechless 2×14: E-i– Eighteen
Speechless 2×15: U-n– Unforgettable P-a– Pain
Speechless 2×16: One A-n– Angry M– Maya
Speechless 2×17: A-c– Action
Speechless 2×18: N-o– Nominee

Season 3

Speechless 3×01: L-O-N– LONDON (1)
Speechless 3×02: L-O-N– LONDON (2)
Speechless 3×03: I-N– INTO THE W-O– WOODS
Speechless 3×04: N-E– NEW JJ
Speechless 3×05: S-T– STAGE MOM
Speechless 3×06: C-E– CELEBRITY S-U– SUITE
Speechless 3×07: F-O– FOLLOW T-H-R– THROUGH
Speechless 3×08: J-I– JINGLE T-H– THON
Speechless 3×09: J-A– JAVIER’S P-A– PANTS
Speechless 3×10: R-O– ROLL M-O– MODEL
Speechless 3×11: H– HEY, YOU
Speechless 3×12: O– OUR M-A-G–MAGEDDON
Speechless 3×13: F-A–FASHION 4 A–ALL
Speechless 3×14: J-I– JIMMY V-A-L–VALENTINE
Speechless 3×15: G-A– GAME N-I– NIGHT
Speechless 3×16: W-H– WHEELCHAIR P-L– PLANET
Speechless 3×17: S-P– SPECIAL B– BOY T-I– TIME
Speechless 3×18: S-E– SEOUL B-R– BROTHERS
Speechless 3×19: P-R-O-M-P–PROMPOSAL
Speechless 3×20: ON THE R-O– ROAD A-G– AGAIN
Speechless 3×21: THE S-T-A– STAIRCASE
Speechless 3×22: U-N-R– UNREALISTIC

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