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Brief Plot SUmmary

Sirens is a comedy series that centers with the 3 Chicago's best EMTs whose sometimes silly, self-righteous and even self-destructive personalities make them unqualified for sustaining relationships, friendships and most occupations. They are, however, uniquely qualified for saving anyone who winds up in their ambulance. Based on a UK format, SIRENS stars Michael Mosley ("Pan Am"), Kevin Daniels ("Modern Family"), Jessica McNamee ("The Vow") and Kevin Bigley ("Game Change"). Leary and Fisher co-wrote the pilot and both executive produce the series. Jim Serpico ("Rescue Me") of Apostle, and Hal Vogel, David Aukin ("Hyde Park on Hudson"), and David Leach of Daybreak Pictures also executive produce. Filmed on location in Chicago, the series is from Apostle and Fox Television Studios, in conjunction with Daybreak Pictures.

Genre: Comedy, Medical

Start Date: Mar/06/2014

Casts: Michael Mosley; Jessica McNamee; Kevin Bigley; Kevin Daniels; Bill Nunn; Josh Segarra



Season 1

Sirens (2014) 1×01: Pilot
Sirens (2014) 1×02: A Bitch Named Karma
Sirens (2014) 1×03: Rachel McAdams Topless
Sirens (2014) 1×04: Famous Last Words
Sirens (2014) 1×05: Alcohol Related Injury
Sirens (2014) 1×06: The Finger
Sirens (2014) 1×07: Till Jeff Do Us Part
Sirens (2014) 1×08: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Sirens 1×09: There’s No “I” in Cream
Sirens (2014) 1×10: Shotgun Wedding

Season 2

Sirens (2014) 2×01: Superdick
Sirens (2014) 2×02: Johnny Nightingale
Sirens (2014) 2×03: Briandipity
Sirens (2014) 2×04: Transcendual
Sirens (2014) 2×05: All the Single Ladies
Sirens (2014) 2×06: Screw the One Percent
Sirens (2014) 2×07: Let Pythons Be Pythons
Sirens (2014) 2×08: Hypocritical Oath
Sirens (2014) 2×09: Charbroiled
Sirens 2×10: Balls
Sirens (2014) 2×11: Six Feet Over/Under
Sirens (2014) 2×12: No Love
Sirens (2014) 2×13: Sub-Primal Fears

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