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Brief Plot SUmmary

Casting is underway for five celebrities who each week will take on the identity of famous music artists. The assignments will be random, with the celebrities sometimes finding themselves transformed into someone much older or younger than them and even of a different gender. To accomplish that, the contestants spend hours in the makeup chair and days with choreographers and vocal coaches as they are judged on how they embody everything about the assigned icon — their walk, their talk, and their distinguishing mannerisms. There are no eliminations, but there is one winner announced in the finale.

Genre: Celebrities, Comedy, Family, Music, Talent

Start Date: May/31/2014




Season 1

Sing Your Face Off 1×01: Episode 1
Sing Your Face Off 1×02: Episode 2
Sing Your Face Off 1×03: Episode 3
Sing Your Face Off 1×04: Episode 4
Sing Your Face Off 1×05: Episode 5
Sing Your Face Off 1×06: Episode 6

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