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Brief Plot SUmmary

A drama series that follows 16 contestants in a reality show set to stay in Tunguska Siberia, a place where a meteor hit in 1908. The past about the place is unknown for the contestants. When strange occurrences happened to the contestants, they realized that their safety is threatened and they must work together to survive. Stars Sabina Akhmedova, Sam Dobbins, and Joyce Giraud.

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Start Date: Jul/1/2013

Casts: Johnny Wactor; Daniel David Sutton; Neeko O.J. Skervin; Sam Dobbins; Sabina Akhmedova; Esther Anderson; Miljan Milosevic; Anne-Marie Mueschke; Irene Yee; Natalie Ann Scheetz; Jonathon Buckley; George Dickson; Thomas Mountain; Victoria Emilie Hill; Berglind Icey; Harpreet Turka; Joyce Giraud; Joyce Giraud



Season 1

Siberia 1×01: Pilot
Siberia 1×02: A Question Of Reality
Siberia 1×03: Lyin’ and Tiger and Bare
Siberia 1×04: Fire In The Sky
Siberia 1×05: What She Said
Siberia 1×06: Out of the Frying Pan
Siberia 1×07: First Snow
Siberia 1×08: A Gathering Fog
Siberia 1×09: One by One
Siberia 1×10: Strange Bedfellows
Siberia 1×11: …Into the Oven

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