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Welcome to Cornel's World, where an animated group of reptile aficionados bring Animal Planet's audiences up close to these animals as they work together with reptile owners to strip away the ordinary walls of their pet's terrarium and transform them into custom-made masterpieces that cater to their reptile's unique needs and personality. For this crew of reptile lovers, led by shop owner Greg West and his wife and creative designer, Elaine, it's not just about the terrarium but showcasing the incredible reptiles that occupy these tailor-made enclosures and enlightening others on how to properly care for these amazing creatures.

Each week Scaled follows the crew of master builders, habitat designers, self-proclaimed reptile nerds and their 3-legged bearded dragon and shop mascot, Kevin, as they dive into the needs and behaviors of reptiles to design one-of-a-kind terrariums that promote their well-being and bring their multifaceted personalities to life through stunning visual and behavioral elements. Through lively 'meet and geek-out' consultation sessions with clients, the crew creates the best natural environment to keep the pet happy with special features and appliances, from water misters and drainage tubes to special retile hides and proper vegetation.

Genre: Nature

Start Date: Aug/24/2018




Season 1

Scaled 1×01: Poison Dart Frog Family
Scaled 1×02: Princess and the Python
Scaled 1×03: Samurai Snake Territory
Scaled 1×04: Speak Easy Sand Boa Club
Scaled 1×05: The Incredible Bearded Dragons!
Scaled 1×06: Monkey-Tailed Skink Adventure
Scaled 1×07: Uromastyx Dino Wasteland
Scaled 1×08: Jurassic Blue-Tongue Skink

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