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Brief Plot SUmmary

ROGUE revolves around Grace Jackie Travis (Thandie Newton), a morally and emotionally-conflicted undercover detective who is tormented by the possibility that her own actions contributed to her son's death. Her search for the truth is further complicated by her forbidden relationship with the crime boss who may have played a hand in the crime. Created by Matthew Parkhill, the series focuses on loss, grief, identity, family bonds, second chances and redemption through characters that, not only struggle with who they are, but with who they want to be.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Start Date: Apr/03/2013

Casts: Cole Hauser; Thandie Newton; Kennedi Clements; Leah Gibson; Martin Donovan; Claudia Ferri; Marton Csokas; Matthew Beard; Ian Hart; Philip Granger; Ian Tracey; Richard Harmon; Jaren Brandt Bartlett; Sarah Jeffery; Jarod Joseph; Joshua Sasse; W. Earl Brown; Kavan Smith



Season 1

Rogue 1×01: The Aquarium
Rogue 1×02: Fireball
Rogue 1×03: Cathy’s Song
Rogue 1×04: Sweet and Sour
Rogue 1×05: Hawala
Rogue 1×06: The Second Amendment
Rogue 1×07: Rumpus
Rogue 1×08: A House Is Not a Home
Rogue 1×09: Chasing the Dragon
Rogue 1×10: Killing Grace

Season 2

Rogue 2×01: Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘N Roll
Rogue 2×02: Saints of the Dead
Rogue 2×03: You Just Get Used to It
Rogue 2×04: Hooker
Rogue 2×05: Cruising
Rogue 2×06: Killing an Arab
Rogue 2×07: The Last Supper
Rogue 2×08: Better Red than Dead
Rogue 2×09: Oh Sarah
Rogue 2×10: Coup de Grace

Season 3

Rogue 3×01: The White Guy
Rogue 3×02: The Chandelier Man
Rogue 3×03: Justice
Rogue 3×04: Dirty Laundry
Rogue 3×05: The Fountain
Rogue 3×06: Lights Out
Rogue 3×07: Mea Culpa
Rogue 3×08: Oysters But No Pearls
Rogue 3×09: Chicagoland
Rogue 3×10: Beyond Judgment
Rogue 3×11: New Shooter
Rogue 3×12: Hardboiled
Rogue 3×13: Baggage
Rogue 3×14: Halfway Burnt
Rogue 3×15: The Dime Tour
Rogue 3×16: Choking the Root
Rogue 3×17: The Wheelbarrow
Rogue 3×18: Close to Heaven
Rogue 3×19: How to Treat Us
Rogue 3×20: A Piece of Wood

Season 4

Rogue 4×01: TBA
Rogue 4×02: How the Light Gets In
Rogue 4×03: Lost Hope
Rogue 4×04: The Determined and the Desperate
Rogue 4×05: Pool Boy
Rogue 4×06: Elk
Rogue 4×07: Bifocals
Rogue 4×08: Sunny Side Down
Rogue 4×09: The Third Man
Rogue 4×10: A Good Leaving Alone

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