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Brief Plot SUmmary

From creator Greg Spottiswood (King) comes Remedy, a unique, high-stakes medical drama that goes beyond the operating room and the ER, to reveal a compelling community of hospital staff who make the healing happen. The series follows Griffin Conners, son of the Chief of Staff, brother to both a surgeon and a nurse, and now – medical school dropout. Having been kicked out in a haze of disgrace, Griffin is forced to return to Broadview Hospital as its newest orderly, where he gets a new perspective on a world he thought he knew through a colourful cast of cleaners, project aides, transport workers and more.

Genre: Drama, Medical

Start Date: Feb/24/2014

Casts: Matt Ward; Genelle Williams; Patrick McKenna; Enrico Colantoni; Sarah Allen; Sara Canning; Dillon Casey; Martha Burns; Niall Matter



Season 1

Remedy 1×01: Bad Blood
Remedy 1×02: The Homecoming
Remedy 1×03: Testing, Testing
Remedy 1×04: Shift/Change
Remedy 1×05: The Beast Within
Remedy 1×06: Scary Bears
Remedy 1×07: Tomorrow the Green Grass
Remedy 1×08: Shadow of Doubt
Remedy 1×09: The Little Things
Remedy 1×10: Quit the Horizon

Season 2

Remedy 2×01: Our Friend, Chaos
Remedy 2×02: When You Awake
Remedy 2×03: Playing Doctor Conner
Remedy 2×04: Blood & Guts
Remedy 2×05: Life in Technicolour
Remedy 2×06: Secrets & Lies
Remedy 2×07: Everything in Moderation
Remedy 2×08: Looking for Satellites
Remedy 2×09: Fight or Flight
Remedy 2×10: Day One

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