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Brief Plot SUmmary

Charleston-set drama about two adversaries, a gorgeous Yankee litigator and a Southern city attorney, who struggle to hide their attraction while clashing over a police sex scandal that threatens to implode the city. Stars Cam Gigandet, Anna Wood, Shawn Hatosy, Georgina Haig, Adam Rodriguez, Michael Gladis, Kim Wayans and Gregory Harrison.

Genre: Drama, Family

Start Date: Jun/29/2014

Casts: Adam Rodriguez; Anna Wood; Cam Gigandet; Shawn Hatosy; Georgina Haig; Kim Wayans; Michael Gladis; Gregory Harrison



Season 1

Reckless (US) 1×01: Pilot
Reckless (US) 1×02: Parting Shots
Reckless (US) 1×03: Stand Your Ground
Reckless (US) 1×04: Blind Sides
Reckless (US) 1×05: Bloodstone
Reckless (US) 1×06: Family Plot
Reckless (US) 1×07: Deep Waters
Reckless (US) 1×08: When the Smoke Clears
Reckless (US) 1×09: Damage Control
Reckless (US) 1×10: Fifty-One Percent
Reckless (US) 1×11: And So It Begins
Reckless (US) 1×12: Civil Wars (Part 1)
Reckless (US) 1×13: Civil Wars (Part 2)

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