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Real Estate Wars brings the cut-throat world of real estate in Orange County to life. With limited inventory in a premium area, this series follows two top rival real estate teams, The McMonigle Team and Relegance Group, as they fight for supremacy in this distinct and wealthy enclave. It's the ultimate turf battle in the O.C., and things get tense when realty and reality collide. John McMonigle was formerly the number one real estate agent in the country, but lost everything when the real estate market crashed, ultimately forcing him into bankruptcy. John, never a man to stay down, rebuilt his empire with five ambitious agents to create The McMonigle Team, with one of their primary goals being to beat The Relegance Group. Relegance is made up of five zealous agents, including the "real estate queen" of Orange County, Jojo Romeo, who happens to have a contentious past with John. As an estranged employee of John's, she became determined to join Relegance and help them become the #1 team in the O.C. However, it's a small world, and when they vie for the same high end clients, limited listings and large commissions, the competition can be ruthless. With 10 agents, eccentric clients, multi-million-dollar deals, old vendettas, and one common goal of winning, all is fair in real estate and war.


Start Date: Jul/6/2017




Season 1

Real Estate Wars 1×01: Let the Games Begin
Real Estate Wars 1×02: Showdown
Real Estate Wars 1×03: Property Problems
Real Estate Wars 1×04: Commission Control
Real Estate Wars 1×05: Boy’s Club
Real Estate Wars 1×06: Bombshells
Real Estate Wars 1×07: Secrets and Lies
Real Estate Wars 1×08: Moving On

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