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R&B: Divas is a reality series that tells the current, real-life story of five multi-talented, beautiful R&B stars - Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Monifah Carter, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt. Having all seen the highs and lows of the music business, these ladies know what it's like to command the spotlight... then see it dim

Genre: Family, Lifestyle, Music, Talent

Start Date: Aug/20/2012




Season 1

R&B Divas 1×01: Sisters in Song
R&B Divas 1×02: Mothers, Models, and Divas
R&B Divas 1×03: Labor Pains
R&B Divas 1×04: DC Or Bust
R&B Divas 1×05: You Can’t Hold a Diva Down
R&B Divas 1×06: A Time to Heal
R&B Divas 1×07: Empire State of Mind
R&B Divas 1×08: Essence of a Diva

Season 2

R&B Divas 2×01: Get To Steppin’
R&B Divas 2×02: Oil and Water
R&B Divas 2×03: Work It Diva
R&B Divas 2×04: So So Diva
R&B Divas 2×05: A Good Day To Cry Hard
R&B Divas 2×06: Faith No More
R&B Divas 2×07: Divas Last Stand
R&B Divas 2×08: Till Divas Do Us Part
R&B Divas 2×09: The Reunion Part One
R&B Divas 2×10: The Reunion Part Two

Season 3

R&B Divas 3×01: Engagement to Engagement
R&B Divas 3×02: Uncomfortable in My Skin
R&B Divas 3×03: Diamond in the Rough
R&B Divas 3×04: Releasing the Diva Demons
R&B Divas 3×05: Grammy Don’t Play That
R&B Divas 3×06: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
R&B Divas 3×07: Can’t I Just Be KeKe?
R&B Divas 3×08: Divas Make it Rain
R&B Divas 3×09: California Love
R&B Divas 3×10: Gett’n Married Now
R&B Divas 3×11: Reunion Part 1
R&B Divas 3×12: Reunion Part 2

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