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Brief Plot SUmmary

Random Acts of Flyness from artist Terence Nance (An Oversimplification of Her Beauty) explores evergreen cultural idioms such as patriarchy, white supremacy and sensuality from a new, thought-provoking perspective.

A fluid, stream-of-conscious response to the contemporary American mediascape, each episode of Random Acts of Flyness features a handful of interconnected vignettes, showcasing an ensemble cast of emerging and established talent. The show is a mix of verité documentary, musical performances, surrealist melodrama and humorous animation. Nance and his collaborators weave together such themes as ancestral trauma, history, death, the singularity, romance and more, creating a television show like nothing seen before.

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Aug/4/2018




Season 1

Random Acts of Flyness 1×01: What are Your Thoughts Raising Free Black Children?
Random Acts of Flyness 1×02: Two Piece and a Biscuit
Random Acts of Flyness 1×03: They Got Some S**t That’ll Blow Out Our Back
Random Acts of Flyness 1×04: Items Outside the Shelter But Within Reach
Random Acts of Flyness 1×05: I Tried to Tell My Therapist About My Dreams
Random Acts of Flyness 1×06: They Won’t Go When I Go

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