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Brief Plot SUmmary

Meet the Frasers follows Matt Fraser, a 28-year-old psychic medium, and his 21-year-old pageant queen girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis.  The two are highly visible local celebrities in their hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island. Matt and Alexa are envisioning big things for their future; Matt's captivating live reading events are growing more popular and his book "When Heaven Calls" will soon be published. And while Alexa supports Matt on his coast to coast tour, she's got big dreams of her own. She's setting her sights on winning her next pageant title and procuring a fabulous engagement ring. This couple is definitely on the rise - as long as their overly-involved families don't get in the way.

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Jan/13/2020




Season 1

Meet the Frasers 1×01: Fraser Fabulous
Meet the Frasers 1×02: Morning Cookie
Meet the Frasers 1×03: Operation Pic Switch

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