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Brief Plot SUmmary

Lifelong nature lover Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall pursues his fascination with the wildlife of the West Country as he teams up with the region's most dedicated nature lovers.

In this series, filmed over an entire year, Hugh joins forces with the people working to celebrate and safeguard the region's charismatic and captivating cast of creatures. For Hugh it's a welcome chance to raise his game as a wildlife enthusiast, learning as much as he can while sharing the joys and rich rewards that come with getting closer to nature.

Genre: Nature

Start Date: Jan/6/2018




Season 1

Hugh’s Wild West 1×01: Episode 1
Hugh’s Wild West 1×02: Episode 2
Hugh’s Wild West 1×03: Episode 3
Hugh’s Wild West 1×04: Episode 4
Hugh’s Wild West 1×05: Episode 5
Hugh’s Wild West 1×06: Episode 6
Hugh’s Wild West 1×07: Episode 7
Hugh’s Wild West 1×08: Episode 8
Hugh’s Wild West 1×09: Episode 9
Hugh’s Wild West 1×10: Episode 10

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