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"Hot Bench", executive produced by Judge Judy exec producer/director Randy Douthit, features a panel of three judges (Judge Patricia DiMango and attorneys Tanya Acker and Larry Bakman) hearing court cases, arguing the merits of the case amongst themselves and rendering a verdict. (The term “hot bench” is used to describe a court where the judge or judges frequently interrupt lawyers’ presentations with questions, often leading to lively exchanges.)

Genre: Drama, Lifestyle

Start Date: Sep/15/2014




Season 1

Hot Bench 1×01: Service Dog Tearjerker
Hot Bench 1×02: Turn Lane Collision!; Tiny Toilet Turmoil
Hot Bench 1×03: Beauty School Hazing?
Hot Bench 1×04: Mansion Madness; Firefighter Hero Sued by Ex
Hot Bench 1×05: Devastated Daddy at Baby Girl’s Party; Pit Bull vs. Chihuahua!
Hot Bench 1×06: Kidnapping and Abuse Claims; Pimp Mobile for an 11-Year-Old?
Hot Bench 1×07: Marijuana Test-Drive Drama; Player Hater Vandalism!
Hot Bench 1×08: The Very Odd Couple; Stolen Skateboard Ethics
Hot Bench 1×09: Africa Trip Fallout; When Bed Bugs Bite!
Hot Bench 1×10: BB Gun and Paternity Test; Three-Car Pile-Up!
Hot Bench 1×11: Racial Slurs and Bigotry; Homeless Widow Woes
Hot Bench 1×12: Female Boxer vs. Trainer
Hot Bench 1×13: Murder Tears Family Apart
Hot Bench 1×14: Self-Made Landlord After Murder!; White Picket Fence Wipeout!
Hot Bench 1×15: Illegal Scooter Rams Mustang; Doggie Haircut Disaster
Hot Bench 1×16: Workplace Romance Drama; Punched and Maced!
Hot Bench 1×17: Love for Sale?; Online Gambling Loans?
Hot Bench 1×18: Grandmother Mayhem; Medical Marijuana Delivery
Hot Bench 1×19: Gang-Related Threats
Hot Bench 1×20: Rock Throwing and Harassment!; Ex-Lovers Disinterest Rate
Hot Bench 1×21: DUI With a Child in the Car
Hot Bench 1×22: Pitbull vs. Chihuahua; Love and Liability
Hot Bench 1×23: Dating, Damage and Drama; Live-In Lizard?
Hot Bench 1×24: Tweener Instagram Fashion Fail; Hair Salon Drama
Hot Bench 1×25: Gossip Traded for Cash; Taunting an Ex-Lover
Hot Bench 1×26: Exploding Car; Anti-Bullying Business
Hot Bench 1×27: A Dog’s Confession?; Flat-Screen Friendship Fiasco
Hot Bench 1×28: Euthanized Dogs
Hot Bench 1×29: Innocent Man Serving Life Sentence?
Hot Bench 1×30: Music Video Mayhem; Ex-Lover Computer Thief?
Hot Bench 1×31: Forgery and Fighting; Pregnant and Moving!
Hot Bench 1×32: Dog Eats Marijuana Candy!; Cupcake Crisis
Hot Bench 1×33: Disgusting Clean-Up; Tornado Debris Disaster
Hot Bench 1×34: Stealing Water?!; Xbox War!
Hot Bench 1×35: Criminal Texting?
Hot Bench 1×36: Hovercraft Builder Burn?; Exercise Machine Wars
Hot Bench 1×37: Scamming the System?
Hot Bench 1×38: Smog Test Scam?; Teen Money Matters
Hot Bench 1×39: Ammo Explodes in Face!
Hot Bench 1×40: Terrible Nanny; Townhouse Rift
Hot Bench 1×41: Tough Love Family; Ill-Fated Roommates
Hot Bench 1×42: Poisoned Children?; Mustang Family Feud
Hot Bench 1×43: Driving Blind!; Mother and Son Feud
Hot Bench 1×44: Burned Property Blowout!; Co-Worker War
Hot Bench 1×45: Eviction Education!; Gift or a Loan?!
Hot Bench 1×46: Handsome Contractor Woes; Parking Sideswipe
Hot Bench 1×47: Landlord Tenant Chaos
Hot Bench 1×48: Ex-Lovers’ Battle; Boyfriend Sells Fun!
Hot Bench 1×49: Flooding Damage; Attack in a Dog Park!
Hot Bench 1×50: Fishing Trip and a Pit Bull; Landlord Accused of Theft
Hot Bench 1×51: Wardrobe Malfunction Mash-Up!; When Cat Lovers Fight
Hot Bench 1×52: Season 1, Episode 52
Hot Bench 1×53: Suicide’s Unanswered Questions; Ex-Lovers Trade Blows?
Hot Bench 1×54: Misplaced Meth Pipe?; Flirtatious eBay Power Play?
Hot Bench 1×55: Casino Payout Gone Bad!; Teen Motorcyclist Test-Drive Crash?
Hot Bench 1×56: Last Will & Testament Wedding Drama; Child vs. Adult Bike Race Disaster!
Hot Bench 1×57: High-Speed Brake Fail?!; Texts Escalate to Restraining Order
Hot Bench 1×58: Emergency Anxiety Meds; World’s Best Stepmother?
Hot Bench 1×59: Come to Court With Clean Hands!; Hookah Lounge Fallout
Hot Bench 1×60: Explicit Photos Lure Vietnam Vet?; I Don’t Flirt With Short Women!
Hot Bench 1×61: Guns and Ex-Girlfriends!; Party Foul!
Hot Bench 1×62: Family Tragedy; Scary Behavior?
Hot Bench 1×63: Bikinis and Breast Implants
Hot Bench 1×64: The Nurse or the Hairdresser?; Sister’s Damning Testimony!
Hot Bench 1×65: DUI Fallout; Goggles Goof-Up!
Hot Bench 1×66: Mother vs. Son Car Fight!; Free Aid to Robbery Victim?
Hot Bench 1×67: A Daughter’s Love Divided; 99 Cent Plate Heist!
Hot Bench 1×68: Schnauzer Puppy Snafu!; Clean and Sober … and Married!
Hot Bench 1×69: Hit and Run or Mistaken Identity?!; Booty Call Breakdown
Hot Bench 1×70: Graduation Conspiracy?; I Won’t Lie for My Brother!
Hot Bench 1×71: Forged Check, Free Vacation!; Waterslide Beatdown
Hot Bench 1×72: Damaged Bulldog Puppies, Tattoo Artist Hit-and-Run
Hot Bench 1×73: Ex Made Me Lose My Home!; Family Intervention Heartbreaker!
Hot Bench 1×74: Don’t Call Me Bridezilla!; Toilet Cleaning Debacle!
Hot Bench 1×75: Foreclosed Landlord Sues for Rent!
Hot Bench 1×76: Road Rage Alley!; Ex-Lovers’ Bedroom Bickering!
Hot Bench 1×77: Contractor in the Hot Seat; The Scooter Caper!
Hot Bench 1×78: When Stepfathers Attack!; Facebook Gotcha!
Hot Bench 1×79: Follow the Money!; Bootleg Cellphone Scam?
Hot Bench 1×80: Facebook Attack and Criminal Mischief!; Mirror Knock-Off!
Hot Bench 1×81: Purple Skittles Crown Vic Scam? Fit for a Native American Powwow!
Hot Bench 1×82: Wild Housesitting Party Goes Viral!; Don’t Block Me In … or Else!
Hot Bench 1×83: Homeless Mom No More!; Puerto Rican Ruckus!
Hot Bench 1×84: Dognapping Drama!; Roommate Rampage
Hot Bench 1×85: Identity Theft Caper; Betrayal and the Blender!
Hot Bench 1×86: Dog Bite Afternoon!; Not So Nice Niece?
Hot Bench 1×87: Assault in the Workplace?!
Hot Bench 1×88: Headed Over a Cliff!; Bulldog vs. Chihuahua
Hot Bench 1×89: Hit and Run for It!; While the Mom Is Away …
Hot Bench 1×90: Poisoning and Peepholes?!; Warring Uncle and Nephew!
Hot Bench 1×91: Hostile Living Environment?; Dog Gone Crazy!
Hot Bench 1×92: Mother Daughter Pile-Up!; Graveyard Shift Grief!
Hot Bench 1×93: Mommy Dearest No More!; Don’t Fence the Pony In!
Hot Bench 1×94: Family Night Flight!; Police Draw Guns in Tenant Dispute
Hot Bench 1×95: Firefighter Dreams, Sister Screams; Pay Me for My Stress!
Hot Bench 1×96: Rambles About Shambles; When Pit Bulls Attack … Other Pit Bulls!
Hot Bench 1×97: Which Lab Mauled the Shih Tzu?; Harley D. Custody Battle!
Hot Bench 1×98: The Daycare Debacle; Vacation Lodge Disaster!

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