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Brief Plot SUmmary

Since it opened its doors in 1924, there have been a staggering amount of deaths and tragedies associated with Los Angeles' infamous Cecil Hotel. Is there a correlation with these sinister incidents or is it a mere coincidence? Documenting three different unexplained mysteries, each eerie hour of Horror at the Cecil Hotel plays out like a true-crime story with a supernatural twist. The miniseries explores a simple question: is there an underlying evil that connects the disturbing events that seem to continually haunt the Cecil? As the stories evolve, the history of the nightmarish hotel plays a central character to the tragic events, exploring stories such as: the mystery of Elisa Lam who suspiciously drowned in the hotel water tank; a history of serial killers who stayed in Room 1402; and bizarre murder-suicides that tainted the hotel's reputation.

Genre: Crime

Start Date: Oct/16/2017




Season 1

Horror at the Cecil Hotel 1×01: Room 1402
Horror at the Cecil Hotel 1×02: The Girl in the Water Tank
Horror at the Cecil Hotel 1×03: Intertwined

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