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Brief Plot SUmmary

The original series chronicled the intertwined stories of unrelated ordinary people who discovered they had superhuman abilities and learned they were part of a grand plan that brought them together to change the world. Heroes Reborn features a new group of characters. This is the continuation of the NBC science fiction serial drama series Heroes. Stars Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet, Gatlin Green as Emily, Ryan Guzman as Carlos, Robbie Kay as Tommy, Rya Kihlstedt as Erica, Zachary Levi as Luke Collins, Judith Shekoni as Joanne, Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo, Danika Yarosh as Malina and Henry Zebrowski as Quentin Frady.

Genre: Action, Drama, Super Heroes

Start Date: Sep/24/2015

Casts: Robbie Kay; Zachary Levi; Henry Zebrowski; Ryan Guzman; Danika Yarosh; Jack Coleman; Kiki Sukezane; Rya Kihlstedt; Gatlin Green; Judith Shekoni



Season 1

Heroes Reborn 1×01: Brave New World
Heroes Reborn 1×02: Odessa
Heroes Reborn 1×03: Under the Mask
Heroes Reborn 1×04: The Needs of the Many
Heroes Reborn 1×05: The Lion’s Den
Heroes Reborn 1×06: Game Over
Heroes Reborn 1×07: June 13th Part One
Heroes Reborn 1×08: June 13th Part Two
Heroes Reborn 1×09: Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Heroes Reborn 1×10: 11:53 to Odessa
Heroes Reborn 1×11: Send in the Clones
Heroes Reborn 1×12: Company Woman
Heroes Reborn 1×13: Project Reborn

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