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The series centers with the s cosplayers of all levels, from legend Yaya Han, to rising stars and newbies, as they make a splash at comic book conventions around the country. The series will dive deep into their lives, following their process as they create extravagant and visually arresting costumes each week. These nine constantly defy odds and race against the clock to transform themselves into amazing fictional characters that push the boundaries between fantasy and reality, all in hopes of impressing the convention judges to win a cash prizes and take their cosplay stardom to new heights. Cosplayers and cosplay contests are a fixture and highlight at the many comic book and genre fan conventions around the world. These conventions provide an international stage for fans to showcase often spectacular handcrafted costumes and portray their favorite characters from sci-fi movies, video games, anime and more. In Heroes of Cosplay, nine passionate fans put their imagination and skills to the test to make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay. [Source: SyFy]

Genre: Reality Series

Start Date: Aug/13/2013




Season 1

Heroes of Cosplay 1×01: Wizard World Portland
Heroes of Cosplay 1×02: Emerald City
Heroes of Cosplay 1×03: Megacon
Heroes of Cosplay 1×04: Anime Matsuri
Heroes of Cosplay 1×05: Planet Comicon – Part 1
Heroes of Cosplay 1×06: Planet Comicon – Part 2
Heroes of Cosplay 1×07: Stan Lee’s Comikaze
Heroes of Cosplay 1×08: Ottawa Pop Expo
Heroes of Cosplay 1×09: Animate! Miami
Heroes of Cosplay 1×10: Wizard World Portland 2014
Heroes of Cosplay 1×11: Wizard World New Orleans – Part 1
Heroes of Cosplay 1×12: Wizard World New Orleans – Part 2

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