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Brief Plot SUmmary

Ten strangers, all united by heartbreak, head off for the summer of a lifetime around the Greek islands. In each episode, they will be joined by a surprise visitor from home who will force them to confront their past head on and help them move on with help from their new-found friends. We'll see every video message home or OMG text to their exes, revealing hidden layers as our group get to know each other. Be prepared for drama, reality checks and secrets to be revealed as temperatures rise on Heartbreak Holiday...

Genre: Reality

Start Date: Aug/20/2019




Season 1

Heartbreak Holiday 1×01: Episode 1
Heartbreak Holiday 1×02: Episode 2
Heartbreak Holiday 1×03: Episode 3
Heartbreak Holiday 1×04: Episode 4
Heartbreak Holiday 1×05: Episode 5
Heartbreak Holiday 1×06: Episode 6
Heartbreak Holiday 1×07: Episode 7

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