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Brief Plot SUmmary

At Richmond Trinity Hospital, Director of Nursing Christina Hawthorne is locked in a battle against forces far too large for any one person to handle. Whether fighting to see that a homeless woman is treated like a human being, talking a close friend and suicidal cancer patient off a ledge, accommodating the clashing egos of the hospital's talented doctors and administrators, or managing a nursing staff of grizzled veterans and idealistic young rookies, she's the much-needed conscience for an organization that all too often forgets whom it's there to serve. Still learning to cope with the death of her husband and make peace with her powerful and grieving mother-in-law, Christina looks to balance her pressure cooker career with raising a smart but willful teenage girl as she tries to change a broken system, one patient at a time.

Genre: Drama

Start Date: Jun/16/2009




Season 1

Hawthorne 1×01: Pilot
Hawthorne 1×02: Healing Time
Hawthorne 1×03: Yielding
Hawthorne 1×04: All the Wrong Places
Hawthorne 1×05: The Sense of Belonging
Hawthorne 1×06: Trust Me
Hawthorne 1×07: Night Moves
Hawthorne 1×08: No Guts, No Glory
Hawthorne 1×09: Mother’s Day
Hawthorne 1×10: Hello and Goodbye

Season 2

Hawthorne 2×01: No Excuses
Hawthorne 2×02: The Starting Line
Hawthorne 2×03: Road Narrows
Hawthorne 2×04: Afterglow
Hawthorne 2×05: The Match
Hawthorne 2×06: Final Curtain
Hawthorne 2×07: Hidden Truths
Hawthorne 2×08: A Mother Knows
Hawthorne 2×09: Picture Perfect
Hawthorne 2×10: No Exit

Season 3

Hawthorne 3×01: For Better or Worse
Hawthorne 3×02: Fight or Flight
Hawthorne 3×03: Parental Guidance Required
Hawthorne 3×04: A Fair to Remember
Hawthorne 3×05: Let Freedom Sing
Hawthorne 3×06: Just Between Friends
Hawthorne 3×07: To Tell the Truth
Hawthorne 3×08: Price of Admission
Hawthorne 3×09: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Hawthorne 3×10: Shot in the Dark

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