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Brief Plot SUmmary

Happyish is a dark comedy series that focuses on Thom Payne (Coogan), a depressed middle-aged man who is confronted with a new, younger boss. Thom's pursuit of happiness is seriously compromised and he finds he must content himself with feeling happyish. Stars Steve Coogan, Kathryn Hahn and Bradley Whitford.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Start Date: Apr/05/2015

Casts: Jay Eisenberg; Kathryn Hahn; Lizzy Declement; Louisa Krause; Luca Tenuto; Nils Lawton; Rhys Ifans; Steve Coogan; Steven Boyer; Bradley Whitford; Yolonda Ross; Chris McGarry; Aaron Moten; Jason Harris



Season 1

Happyish 1×01: Starring Samuel Beckett, Albert Camus And Alois Alzheimer
Happyish 1×02: Starring Marc Chagall, Abuela And Adolf Hitler
Happyish 1×03: Starring Vladimir Nabokov, Hippocrates and God
Happyish 1×04: Starring Sigmund Freud, Charles Bukowski and Seven Billion A**holes
Happyish 1×05: Starring Josey Wales, Jesus Christ And The New York Times
Happyish 1×06: Starring Helen Keller, Moses And Lenny Bruce
Happyish 1×07: Starring David Ogilvy, Anton Chekhov and Gluten Enteropathy
Happyish 1×08: Starring Rene Descartes, Victor Frankenstein and HRH The Princess of Arendelle
Happyish 1×09: Starring Bill Hicks, Joseph McCarthy and Alfred Bernhard Nobel
Happyish 1×10: Starring Christopher Hitchens, Philip Larkin and Josef Stalin

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