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Brief Plot SUmmary

Growing Up Supermodel follows a new group of hot young models risking it all to live up to the careers of their famous parents. With the names and the genes of their gorgeous parents on their side, these celebrity offspring seem destined to make it to the top, but the right DNA is only half the battle in this competitive world. These young models are all finding out that making a career is hard work, and having a famous name is a double-edged sword, creating expectations and burdens at the same time it generates opportunities. Meanwhile, the parents, whose success has paved the way, discover that being a star is much easier than raising one.


Start Date: Aug/16/2017




Season 1

Growing Up Supermodel 1×01: The New Wave
Growing Up Supermodel 1×02: Daddy Issues
Growing Up Supermodel 1×03: The Hookup Culture
Growing Up Supermodel 1×04: Mama Bears
Growing Up Supermodel 1×05: Strike Two
Growing Up Supermodel 1×06: Striking Out

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