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Brief Plot SUmmary

Grimm is a police-horror drama that surround with the life of Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police Bureau who happened to be part of so called "Grimms" who are those in charged in keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world. Stars David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner, and Claire Coffee.

Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Drama

Start Date: Oct/28/2011

Casts: David Giuntoli; Silas Weir Mitchell; Sasha Roiz; Russell Hornsby; Reggie Lee; Bitsie Tulloch; Bree Turner; Claire Coffee



Season 1

Grimm 1×01: Pilot
Grimm 1×02: Bears Will Be Bears
Grimm 1×03: Beeware
Grimm 1×04: Lonelyhearts
Grimm 1×05: Danse Macabre
Grimm 1×06: The Three Bad Wolves
Grimm 1×07: Let Your Hair Down
Grimm 1×08: Game Ogre
Grimm 1×09: Of Mouse and Man
Grimm 1×10: Organ Grinder
Grimm 1×11: Tarantella
Grimm 1×12: Last Grimm Standing
Grimm 1×13: Three Coins in a Fuchsbau
Grimm 1×14: Plumed Serpent
Grimm 1×15: Island of Dreams
Grimm 1×16: The Thing with Feathers
Grimm 1×17: Love Sick
Grimm 1×18: Cat and Mouse
Grimm 1×19: Leave It to Beavers
Grimm 1×20: Happily Ever Aftermath
Grimm 1×21: Big Feet
Grimm 1×22: Woman in Black

Season 2

Grimm 2×01: Bad Teeth
Grimm 2×02: The Kiss
Grimm 2×03: Bad Moon Rising
Grimm 2×04: Quill
Grimm 2×05: The Good Shepherd
Grimm 2×06: Over My Dead Body
Grimm 2×07: The Bottle Imp
Grimm 2×08: The Other Side
Grimm 2×09: La Llorona
Grimm 2×10: The Hour of Death
Grimm 2×11: To Protect and Serve Man
Grimm 2×12: Season of the Hexenbiest
Grimm 2×13: Face Off
Grimm 2×14: Natural Born Wesen
Grimm 2×15: Mr. Sandman
Grimm 2×16: Nameless
Grimm 2×17: One Angry Fuchsbau
Grimm 2×18: Volcanalis
Grimm 2×19: Endangered
Grimm 2×20: Kiss of the Muse
Grimm 2×21: The Waking Dead
Grimm 2×22: Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Season 3

Grimm 3×01: The Ungrateful Dead
Grimm 3×02: PTZD
Grimm 3×03: A Dish Best Served Cold
Grimm 3×04: One Night Stand
Grimm 3×05: El Cucuy
Grimm 3×06: Stories We Tell Our Young
Grimm 3×07: Cold Blooded
Grimm 3×08: Twelve Days of Krampus
Grimm 3×09: Red Menace
Grimm 3×10: Eyes of the Beholder
Grimm 3×11: The Good Soldier
Grimm 3×12: The Wild Hunt
Grimm 3×13: Revelation
Grimm 3×14: Mommy Dearest
Grimm 3×15: Once We Were Gods
Grimm 3×16: The Show Must Go On
Grimm 3×17: Synchronicity
Grimm 3×18: The Law of Sacrifice
Grimm 3×19: Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen
Grimm 3×20: My Fair Wesen
Grimm 3×21: The Inheritance
Grimm 3×22: Blond Ambition

Season 4

Grimm 4×01: Thanks for the Memories
Grimm 4×02: Octopus Head
Grimm 4×03: Last Fight
Grimm 4×04: Dyin’ on a Prayer
Grimm 4×05: Cry Luison
Grimm 4×06: Highway of Tears
Grimm 4×07: The Grimm Who Stole Christmas
Grimm 4×08: Chupacabra
Grimm 4×09: Wesenrein
Grimm 4×10: Tribunal
Grimm 4×11: Death Do Us Part
Grimm 4×12: Maréchaussée
Grimm 4×13: Trial by Fire
Grimm 4×14: Bad Luck
Grimm 4×15: Double Date
Grimm 4×16: Heartbreaker
Grimm 4×17: Hibernaculum
Grimm 4×18: Mishipeshu
Grimm 4×19: Iron Hans
Grimm 4×20: You Don’t Know Jack
Grimm 4×21: Headache
Grimm 4×22: Cry Havoc

Season 5

Grimm 5×01: The Grimm Identity
Grimm 5×02: Clear and Wesen Danger
Grimm 5×03: Lost Boys
Grimm 5×04: Maiden Quest
Grimm 5×05: The Rat King
Grimm 5×06: Wesen Nacht
Grimm 5×07: Eve of Destruction
Grimm 5×08: A Reptile Dysfunction
Grimm 5×09: Star-Crossed
Grimm 5×10: Map of the Seven Knights
Grimm 5×11: Key Move
Grimm 5×12: Into the Schwarzwald
Grimm 5×13: Silence of the Slams
Grimm 5×14: Lycanthropia
Grimm 5×15: Skin Deep
Grimm 5×16: The Believer
Grimm 5×17: Inugami
Grimm 5×18: Good to the Bone
Grimm 5×19: The Taming of the Wu
Grimm 5×20: Bad Night
Grimm 5×21: Beginning of the End – Part One
Grimm 5×22: Beginning of the End – Part Two

Season 6

Grimm 6×01: Fugitive
Grimm 6×02: Trust Me Knot
Grimm 6×03: Oh Captain, My Captain
Grimm 6×04: El Cuegle
Grimm 6×05: The Seven Year Itch
Grimm 6×06: Breakfast in Bed
Grimm 6×07: Blind Love
Grimm 6×08: The Son Also Rises
Grimm 6×09: Tree People
Grimm 6×10: Blood Magic
Grimm 6×11: Where the Wild Things Were
Grimm 6×12: Zerstörer Shrugged
Grimm 6×13: The End

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