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Brief Plot SUmmary

Two of the country's best-known legal analysts - Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams - are joining forces to debate infamous crimes and legal cases in A&E Network's new original series, Grace vs. Abrams.

Known for their epic battles on their "Good Morning America" segments, "Grace vs. Abrams" will see the two attorneys provide their unique legal perspectives and compelling and opposing points of on crimes and trials that captured the country's attention.

In each episode they will break down the case, feature key players from the cases as well as never-before-heard from players, both in-studio and by remote. Exclusive clips and footage will also be incorporated into the series.

Genre: Crime, Legal

Start Date: Mar/29/2018




Season 1

Grace vs. Abrams 1×01: Casey Anthony
Grace vs. Abrams 1×02: Drew Peterson
Grace vs. Abrams 1×03: Chandra Levy
Grace vs. Abrams 1×04: Robert Blake
Grace vs. Abrams 1×05: Adnan Syed

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