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Brief Plot SUmmary

Ghosts In the Hood, blends humor with the supernatural and follows a group of diverse ghost hunters as they investigate unexplained phenomena across Los Angeles. The show follows the ghost-hunting team of O.P.O. (Official Paranormal Operations), who go where other ghost hunters typically don't - from the LBC to Altadena - bringing their signature humor along with them. WE tv has produced six hour-long episodes of the series. On each episode, O.P.O. responds to two different clients in distress. Whether they live in a haunted home or run a business plagued by spirits, O.P.O. has a strong track record of resolving unexplained issues for their clients, by either proving or disproving that something paranormal is plaguing them.

Genre: Comedy, Supernatural

Start Date: Jan/5/2017




Season 1

Ghosts in the Hood 1×01: Scared Straight Outta Compton
Ghosts in the Hood 1×02: Menace 2 South Central
Ghosts in the Hood 1×03: Don’t Play with Santa Muerte
Ghosts in the Hood 1×04: Inglewood Always Up to No Good
Ghosts in the Hood 1×05: Ain’t Nothing But a Redwood G Thang
Ghosts in the Hood 1×06: It’s Goin’ Down in Koreatown

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