Ghost Nation poster

Brief Plot SUmmary

Paranormal investigators from across the country team up to solve baffling cases. They will have "state-of-the-art technology" to assist them in studying the hauntings as well as debunking less than authentic claims. Most importantly, they are looking to help people who are experiencing paranormal activity. By getting to the heart of what is causing the hauntings, they will be able to assist the living by restoring a sense of normalcy and the dead by helping them move on.

Genre: Supernatural

Start Date: Oct/11/2019




Season 1

Ghost Nation 1×01: The Boys are Back
Ghost Nation 1×02: A Nightmare in the Nursery
Ghost Nation 1×03: The Novelist’s Nightmare
Ghost Nation 1×04: A Haunting in Halifax
Ghost Nation 1×05: The Squire Street Haunting
Ghost Nation 1×06: The House at Deadman’s Curve

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