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Brief Plot SUmmary

Daredevil is an action crime drama series that centers with Matt Murdock, a Marvel Comics hero who's a lawyer by day but fights the bad guys at night to avenge the murder of his father, a boxer. But what sets Matt apart from most superheroes isn't his back story it's his handicap. Matt is blind, the result of a childhood accident that may have removed his ability to see but gifted him with heightened senses of touch, taste, hearing and smell. (Source: NetFlix). Stars Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ayelet Zurer, Bob Gunton, Toby Leonard Moore, and Vondie Curtis-Hall.

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Super Heroes

Start Date: Apr/10/2015

Casts: Elden Henson; Charlie Cox; Deborah Ann Woll; Toby Leonard Moore; Vondie Curtis-Hall; Ayelet Zurer; Bob Gunton; Rosario Dawson; Vincent D'Onofrio; Elodie Yung; Jon Bernthal



Season 1

Daredevil 1×01: Into the Ring
Daredevil 1×02: Cut Man
Daredevil 1×03: Rabbit in a Snowstorm
Daredevil 1×04: In the Blood
Daredevil 1×05: World on Fire
Daredevil 1×06: Condemned
Daredevil 1×07: Stick
Daredevil 1×08: Shadows in the Glass
Daredevil 1×09: Speak of the Devil
Daredevil 1×10: Nelson v. Murdock
Daredevil 1×11: The Path of the Righteous
Daredevil 1×12: The Ones We Leave Behind
Daredevil 1×13: Daredevil

Season 2

Daredevil 2×01: Bang
Daredevil 2×02: Dogs to a Gunfight
Daredevil 2×03: New York’s Finest
Daredevil 2×04: Penny and Dime
Daredevil 2×05: Kinbaku
Daredevil 2×06: Regrets Only
Daredevil 2×07: Semper Fidelis
Daredevil 2×08: Guilty as Sin
Daredevil 2×09: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Daredevil 2×10: The Man in the Box
Daredevil 2×11: .380
Daredevil 2×12: The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
Daredevil 2×13: A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

Season 3

Daredevil 3×01: Resurrection
Daredevil 3×02: Please
Daredevil 3×03: No Good Deed
Daredevil 3×04: Blindsided
Daredevil 3×05: The Perfect Game
Daredevil 3×06: The Devil You Know
Daredevil 3×07: Aftermath
Daredevil 3×08: Upstairs/Downstairs
Daredevil 3×09: Revelations
Daredevil 3×10: Karen
Daredevil 3×11: Reunion
Daredevil 3×12: One Last Shot
Daredevil 3×13: A New Napkin

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