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Brief Plot SUmmary

A drama series that revolves around the serial killer that recreate the crimes featured in a series called "Cult." It follows Jeff, a journalist blogger who takes the paranoia of his brother about the show when the latter disappeared with no trace. In the process of his search for his brother, he uncovers the dark underworld of the series and the practices of its rabid fans. Stars Matthew Davis, Jessica Lucas, Alona Tal and Robert Knepper.

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Start Date: Feb/19/2013

Casts: Jessica Lucas; Matthew Davis; Alona Tal; Alona Tal; Robert Knepper; Robert Knepper



Season 1

Cult 1×01: You’re Next
Cult 1×02: In the Blood
Cult 1×03: Being Billy
Cult 1×04: Get With the Program
Cult 1×05: The Kiss
Cult 1×06: The Good Fight
Cult 1×07: Suffer the Children
Cult 1×08: The Devil You Know
Cult 1×09: Off to See the Wizard
Cult 1×10: The Prophecy of St. Clare
Cult 1×11: Flip the Script
Cult 1×12: 1987
Cult 1×13: Executive Producer Steven Rae

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