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Brief Plot SUmmary

Cuckoo is a comedy series broadcast on BBC THREE. Suburban parents Ken and Lorna are looking forward to the return of their daughter, Rachel from her gap year. Rachel ends up bringing back with her an unexpected souvenir when she introduces her new husband, Cuckoo.

Genre: Comedy, Family

Start Date: Sep/25/2012




Season 1

Cuckoo 1×01: The Homecoming
Cuckoo 1×02: Family Meeting
Cuckoo 1×03: Ken on E
Cuckoo 1×04: Grandfather’s Cat
Cuckoo 1×05: Connie Sings
Cuckoo 1×06: The Wedding

Season 2

Cuckoo 2×01: A New Beginning
Cuckoo 2×02: Potato Party
Cuckoo 2×03: Tribunal
Cuckoo 2×04: Funeral
Cuckoo 2×05: Ken at Work
Cuckoo 2×06: Neighbourhood Watch

Season 3

Cuckoo 3×01: Birth
Cuckoo 3×02: The Application
Cuckoo 3×03: Mums Group
Cuckoo 3×04: Life of Dale
Cuckoo 3×05: University Challenged
Cuckoo 3×06: Sid’s Big Day
Cuckoo 3×07: The Holiday

Season 4

Cuckoo 4×01: Lawyer of the Year
Cuckoo 4×02: The License
Cuckoo 4×03: Ken’s New Friend
Cuckoo 4×04: Trapped
Cuckoo 4×05: Walkabout
Cuckoo 4×06: Opening Night

Season 5

Cuckoo 5×01: Ivy Arrives
Cuckoo 5×02: Ivy Nanny
Cuckoo 5×03: Weed Farm
Cuckoo 5×04: Macbeth
Cuckoo 5×05: Divorce Party
Cuckoo 5×06: Two Engagements and a Funeral
Cuckoo 5×07: Election

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