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Brief Plot SUmmary

Enter a world filled with the most spectacular freaks of nature on the planet. Here you will find a weird and wonderful collection of leaping spiders, snot-casting fish, blood-sucking bats, flesh-boring bugs, and other bizarre creatures occupying our land, sea, and sky. Join us as we celebrate oddities of all shapes, sizes, and species, giving an up-close view of them in their natural habitat, and revealing how these misfits of nature have developed their strange adaptations over tens of millions of years.

Genre: Nature

Start Date: Jan/4/2017




Season 1

Crazy Monster 1×01: Spiders
Crazy Monster 1×02: Bats
Crazy Monster 1×03: Diggers
Crazy Monster 1×04: Gulpers
Crazy Monster 1×05: Fangs
Crazy Monster 1×06: Bugs
Crazy Monster 1×07: Sea Creatures
Crazy Monster 1×08: Frogs

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