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Brief Plot SUmmary

Clink is set in Bridewell Women's Prison and tells the unique, unflinching and heartwarming stories of both the prisoners and staff at this northern penitentiary.

The series deals with hard-hitting issues such as self-harm, mental illness and pregnancy behind bars, as well as highlighting the importance of community, friendship and, ultimately, hope.

The stories in Clink have been dramatised from real-life inmate experiences and the result is an authentic, raw and honest depiction of life on the inside.

Genre: Drama

Start Date: Apr/18/2019




Season 1

Clink 1×01: Home
Clink 1×02: Parole
Clink 1×03: Cuts
Clink 1×04: Cribs
Clink 1×05: Contrition
Clink 1×06: Reform
Clink 1×07: Therapy
Clink 1×08: Judgement
Clink 1×09: Changes
Clink 1×10: Endgame

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