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Brief Plot SUmmary

Clarence is an animated series about an optimistic boy who wants to do everything. Because everything is amazing!

Genre: Animation General, Children, Comedy, Family, Teens

Start Date: Feb/17/2014




Season 1

Clarence (US) 1×01: Fun Dungeon Face Off
Clarence (US) 1×02: A Pretty Great Day With a Girl
Clarence (US) 1×03: Money Broom Wizard
Clarence (US) 1×04: Lost in the Supermarket
Clarence (US) 1×05: Clarence’s Millions
Clarence (US) 1×06: Clarence Gets a Girlfriend
Clarence (US) 1×07: Jeff’s New Toy
Clarence (US) 1×08: Dinner Party
Clarence (US) 1×09: Honk
Clarence (US) 1×10: Dollar Hunt
Clarence (US) 1×11: Zoo
Clarence (US) 1×12: Rise and Shine
Clarence (US) 1×13: Man of the House
Clarence (US) 1×14: Puddle Eyes
Clarence (US) 1×15: Dream Boat
Clarence (US) 1×16: Slumber Party
Clarence (US) 1×17: Nature Clarence
Clarence (US) 1×18: Average Jeff
Clarence (US) 1×19: Lizard Day Afternoon
Clarence (US) 1×20: The Forgotten
Clarence (US) 1×21: Neighborhood Grill
Clarence (US) 1×22: Belson’s Sleepover
Clarence (US) 1×23: Too Gross for Comfort
Clarence (US) 1×24: Pilot Expansion
Clarence (US) 1×25: Patients
Clarence (US) 1×26: Rough Riders Elementary
Clarence (US) 1×27: Nothing Ventured
Clarence (US) 1×28: Bedside Manners
Clarence (US) 1×29: Jeff Wins
Clarence (US) 1×30: Suspended
Clarence (US) 1×31: Turtle Hats
Clarence (US) 1×32: Goose Chase
Clarence (US) 1×33: Goldfish Follies
Clarence (US) 1×34: Chimney
Clarence (US) 1×35: Straight Illin
Clarence (US) 1×36: Dust Buddies
Clarence (US) 1×37: Hurricane Dyllis
Clarence (US) 1×38: Hoofin’ It
Clarence (US) 1×39: Detention
Clarence (US) 1×40: Hairence
Clarence (US) 1×41: Lil Buddy
Clarence (US) 1×42: Chalmers Santiago
Clarence (US) 1×43: Tuckered Boys
Clarence (US) 1×44: Water Park
Clarence (US) 1×45: Where the Wild Chads Are
Clarence (US) 1×46: Breehn Ho
Clarence (US) 1×47: The Big Petey Pizza Problem
Clarence (US) 1×48: The Break Up
Clarence (US) 1×49: In Dreams
Clarence (US) 1×50: Balance

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