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Child Genius is a reality documentary series that centers on some of America’s most extraordinary and gifted children and their families as they prepare for a national intelligence competition. In cooperation with American MENSA, the competition will take place over several weeks this summer and will test America's best young minds on their knowledge of logic, current affairs, history, memory, science, spelling, math and debate. Only one phenomenal kid will shine brighter than the rest and be named Child Genius.

Genre: Children, Educational, Family

Start Date: Jan/06/2015




Season 1

Child Genius (US) 1×01: I Am Not a Tiger Mommy
Child Genius (US) 1×02: Please Drink Some Water
Child Genius (US) 1×03: Focus, Focus, Focus
Child Genius (US) 1×04: Triskaidekaphobia
Child Genius (US) 1×05: You Signed Up For This
Child Genius (US) 1×06: These Kids Are Like Cheetahs
Child Genius (US) 1×07: You Need to Stop Lying to Yourself
Child Genius (US) 1×08: We All Want to Win, Right

Season 2

Child Genius (US) 2×01: I’m the Fun Parent
Child Genius (US) 2×02: Silicon Valley Is All About Taking Risks
Child Genius (US) 2×03: My Husband Is Becoming A Tiger Dad
Child Genius (US) 2×04: Pull Yourself Together!
Child Genius (US) 2×05: Good Is Not Gonna Cut It
Child Genius (US) 2×06: This Is An Outrage!
Child Genius (US) 2×07: I Really Seriously Really Wanna Win
Child Genius (US) 2×08: Mom, You’re Confusing Me!
Child Genius (US) 2×09: You’ll Be First Or Last
Child Genius (US) 2×10: Finale

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