Catching Hell poster

Brief Plot SUmmary

The water darkens and a voice in your ear is telling you to come up. Oxygen is low but one more fish and one more minute means one more meal. Thunder rumbles the current and changing weather becomes the most immediate danger. Sharks and a low oxygen tank seem like an afterthought as one diver rushes to reach the surface, to rejoin his crew. This is Catching Hell.

Genre: Action, Drama

Start Date: Jun/01/2014




Season 1

Catching Hell 1×01: Ballpark
Catching Hell 1×02: Deadly Wager
Catching Hell 1×03: Cluster Chuck
Catching Hell 1×04: Lost At Sea
Catching Hell 1×05: Bent
Catching Hell 1×06: Wrecked
Catching Hell 1×07: Who’s Your Sea Daddy?
Catching Hell 1×08: Shark Thirty
Catching Hell 1×09: Numbers Game
Catching Hell 1×10: Devil’s Ledge

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