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A comedy series that stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan and follows an American man and an Irish woman who make a bloody mess as they struggle to fall in love in London. Clumsy lust, instant pregnancy, and genuine disaster provide the foundation for this flaming hovel of a relationship. In a mess of events always in danger of slipping out of their grasp, Rob and Sharon must also learn to deal with her largely awful friend; his eccentric Bostonian mother; and attempt to navigate the choppy waters of their ever-more-complicating lives. Can Sharon, an extraordinarily good-smelling woman and Rob, a sturdy love-maker steer through the increasingly thorny situations they find themselves in and still find time for an emergency shag in a stairwell? Source: [British Comedy Guide]

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Jan/19/2015

Casts: Sharon Horgan; Rob Delaney; Sarah Niles



Season 1

Catastrophe 1×01: Episode 1
Catastrophe 1×02: Episode 2
Catastrophe 1×03: Episode 3
Catastrophe 1×04: Episode 4
Catastrophe 1×05: Episode 5
Catastrophe 1×06: Episode 6

Season 2

Catastrophe 2×01: Episode 1
Catastrophe 2×02: Episode 2
Catastrophe 2×03: Episode 3
Catastrophe 2×04: Episode 4
Catastrophe 2×05: Episode 5
Catastrophe 2×06: Episode 6

Season 3

Catastrophe 3×01: Episode 1
Catastrophe 3×02: Episode 2
Catastrophe 3×03: Episode 3
Catastrophe 3×04: Episode 4
Catastrophe 3×05: Episode 5
Catastrophe 3×06: Episode 6

Season 4

Catastrophe 4×01: Episode 1

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