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Brief Plot SUmmary

People secretly pinch cars belonging to friends and family to surprise them with a shock makeover from the Carjackers garage. The Carjackers team - Matt, Sophie, Rob and their crew of vehicle experts and modifiers - are armed only with design inspiration from the car owner's mate. They'll have a limited time to transform each vehicle before reuniting the owner with their motor. Will the owners be happy with their pal's design concept when they see their new - but not always improved - car?


Start Date: Dec/12/2016




Season 1

Carjackers 1×01: Dog and Hot Rod
Carjackers 1×02: Cat and Camera
Carjackers 1×03: Ice Skate and Pink Fashion
Carjackers 1×04: Chicken Nugget and Cow
Carjackers 1×05: Cupcake and Football
Carjackers 1×06: Party and Space Shuttle
Carjackers 1×07: Gatsby and Moroccan Ambulance
Carjackers 1×08: Zombie and Butterfly
Carjackers 1×09: Jungle and Mermaid
Carjackers 1×10: Queenie and Ibiza
Carjackers 1×11: Ghostbusters and Sudoku
Carjackers 1×12: Frisbee and Lipstick
Carjackers 1×13: Magic and Beach
Carjackers 1×14: Festival and Galaxy
Carjackers 1×15: Road Trip and Skateboard
Carjackers 1×16: Rugby and Teacup
Carjackers 1×17: Dreadlock and Guitar
Carjackers 1×18: Fire and Pt Car
Carjackers 1×19: Board Games and Camo Truck
Carjackers 1×20: Compilation Show

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