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Brief Plot SUmmary

Californication is an American series that centers with the story of ank Moody, played by David Duchovny. Hank is a novelist who has recently moved to Los Angeles, which complicates his relationship with Karen, his ex-girlfriend, whom he still has feelings for and Becca, his 12-year-old daughter. The show has been met with mixed reactions, leaning towards a more favorable position by most. The majority of those opposed to the show and it's explicit nature of drug and sex-laden scenes are that of the conservative groups. These groups, namely those found in Australia and New Zealand, have attempted to boycott the networks and the shows advertisers.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Start Date: Aug/13/2007

Casts: David Duchovny; Evan Handler; Natascha McElhone; Pamela Adlon; Madeleine Martin; Madeline Zima



Season 1

Californication 1×01: Pilot
Californication 1×02: Hell-A Woman
Californication 1×03: The Whore of Babylon
Californication 1×04: Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser
Californication 1×05: LOL
Californication 1×06: Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Californication 1×07: Girls, Interrupted
Californication 1×08: California Son
Californication 1×09: Filthy Lucre
Californication 1×10: The Devil’s Threesome
Californication 1×11: Turn the Page
Californication 1×12: The Last Waltz

Season 2

Californication 2×01: Slip of the Tongue
Californication 2×02: The Great Ashby
Californication 2×03: No Way to Treat a Lady
Californication 2×04: The Raw & the Cooked
Californication 2×05: Vaginatown
Californication 2×06: Coke Dick & the First Kick
Californication 2×07: In a Lonely Place
Californication 2×08: Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Californication 2×09: La Ronde
Californication 2×10: In Utero
Californication 2×11: Blues from Laurel Canyon
Californication 2×12: La Petite Mort

Season 3

Californication 3×01: Wish You Were Here
Californication 3×02: The Land of Rape and Honey
Californication 3×03: Verities & Balderdash
Californication 3×04: Zoso
Californication 3×05: Slow Happy Boys
Californication 3×06: Glass Houses
Californication 3×07: So Here’s the Thing …
Californication 3×08: The Apartment
Californication 3×09: Mr. Bad Example
Californication 3×10: Dogtown
Californication 3×11: Comings & Goings
Californication 3×12: Mia Culpa

Season 4

Californication 4×01: Exile on Main St.
Californication 4×02: Suicide Solution
Californication 4×03: Home Sweet Home
Californication 4×04: Monkey Business
Californication 4×05: Freeze Frame
Californication 4×06: Lawyers, Guns and Money
Californication 4×07: The Recused
Californication 4×08: Lights. Camera. Asshole.
Californication 4×09: Another Perfect Day
Californication 4×10: The Trial
Californication 4×11: The Last Supper
Californication 4×12: …And Justice for All

Season 5

Californication 5×01: JFK –> LAX
Californication 5×02: The Way of the Fist
Californication 5×03: Boys & Girls
Californication 5×04: Waiting for the Miracle
Californication 5×05: The Ride-Along
Californication 5×06: Love Song
Californication 5×07: Here I Go Again
Californication 5×08: Raw
Californication 5×09: At the Movies
Californication 5×10: Perverts & Whores
Californication 5×11: The Party
Californication 5×12: Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be

Season 6

Californication 6×01: The Unforgiven
Californication 6×02: Quitters
Californication 6×03: Dead Rock Stars
Californication 6×04: Hell Bent for Leather
Californication 6×05: Rock and a Hard Place
Californication 6×06: In the Clouds
Californication 6×07: The Dope Show
Californication 6×08: Everybody’s a F**king Critic
Californication 6×09: Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Californication 6×10: Blind Faith
Californication 6×11: The Abby
Californication 6×12: I’ll Lay My Monsters Down

Season 7

Californication 7×01: Levon
Californication 7×02: Julia
Californication 7×03: Like Father Like Son
Californication 7×04: Dicks
Californication 7×05: Getting the Poison Out
Californication 7×06: Kickoff
Californication 7×07: Smile
Californication 7×08: 30 Minutes or Less
Californication 7×09: Faith, Hope, Love
Californication 7×10: Dinner with Friends
Californication 7×11: Daughter
Californication 7×12: Grace

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