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Brief Plot SUmmary

After three spirited home builds as husband and wife, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on an entirely different relationship: boss and employee! In Bryan Inc., Sarah joins Bryan's busy construction company as a Project Manager and together they will buy, renovate and sell two luxury homes.

It's a huge learning curve for Sarah as she juggles trades, inevitable construction delays and strict budgets. Bryan is depending on his wife to rise to the new challenge, and together they struggle to find the balance between the demands of work and four very active kids.


Start Date: Sep/25/2016




Season 1

Bryan Inc. 1×01: The New Hire
Bryan Inc. 1×02: Baeum’s Away
Bryan Inc. 1×03: Level with Me
Bryan Inc. 1×04: Going South
Bryan Inc. 1×05: Frame Rate
Bryan Inc. 1×06: Animal House
Bryan Inc. 1×07: Hard Wired
Bryan Inc. 1×08: Brexit
Bryan Inc. 1×09: Stone Faced
Bryan Inc. 1×10: Tile by Jury
Bryan Inc. 1×11: Lining Up
Bryan Inc. 1×12: Stuck in the Mud
Bryan Inc. 1×13: High(view) and Mighty

Season 2

Bryan Inc. 2×01: Throw Her to The Lions
Bryan Inc. 2×02: Balance Beam
Bryan Inc. 2×03: Woody Bully
Bryan Inc. 2×04: Mind Your Beeswax

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