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Brief Plot SUmmary

In a world where our culture is obsessed with youth and beauty, some people revert to plastic surgery to achieve a certain look and turn back the hands of time. With weekly magazine covers catering to a public thirsty for perfection, some can take that quest to the extreme and the results of too much plastic surgery can be disastrous. For the first time on television, the ugly side of beauty will be put under a microscope, revealing the fascination surrounding beauty and plastic surgery...the results will shock you. In this new eight episode, one-hour series, highly accomplished plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif will work with these victims of ill-fated cosmetic work to attempt to undo and fix their results.

In each standalone episode, the doctors will perform two surgeries, but could work with multiple patients who desperately need their help turning the nightmares of their previous plastic surgeries into success stories where they look and feel beautiful once again. With physical issues ranging from harrowing to just plain odd, each patient has a unique personal story that will be told as they prepare to embark on the emotional and physical journey of a lifetime. Viewers will follow each patient every step of the way from the complex medical procedures to the intensive recovery process that will result in the ultimate reveal at the end of each episode.

Genre: Medical

Start Date: Jun/24/2014




Season 1

Botched 1×01: Human Dolls
Botched 1×02: Janice Dickinson Knows Breast
Botched 1×03: Vagina Bomb!
Botched 1×04: Making of a Belieber
Botched 1×05: Like a Surgeon
Botched 1×06: Boob Freak!
Botched 1×07: Girls Gone Wildd
Botched 1×08: Silicone Valley
Botched 1×09: Botched Reunion: Show & Tell (1)
Botched 1×10: Botched Reunion: Show & Tell (2)

Season 2

Botched 2×01: I Love New Work
Botched 2×02: Boob-Watch
Botched 2×03: The Bacon Bra
Botched 2×04: Four Leeches and a Funeral
Botched 2×05: Mo’ Steroids Mo’ Problems
Botched 2×06: Dolly’d Up
Botched 2×07: House of Horrors
Botched 2×08: Knuckles and Knockers
Botched 2×09: The Pec Whisperer
Botched 2×10: Attack of the 3,000cc Implants
Botched 2×11: Say Yes to the Breasts
Botched 2×12: The Serial Filler
Botched 2×13: Double Trouble
Botched 2×14: Dr. Nassif Saved My life
Botched 2×15: Boner Free Zone
Botched 2×16: Breast Greedy
Botched 2×17: The Wizard of Schnoz
Botched 2×18: Where the Wildd Things Are
Botched 2×19: The Living Doll
Botched 2×20: Stitched Up Sisters

Season 3

Botched 3×01: Foreign Bodies
Botched 3×02: Man Boobs
Botched 3×03: Pinched Perfect
Botched 3×04: Double D-Saster
Botched 3×05: Super Fupa
Botched 3×06: Plastic Fantastic
Botched 3×07: Seeing Double
Botched 3×08: Totally Waist-ed
Botched 3×09: Short Changed at the Nipple Bank
Botched 3×10: Went to Mexico and Got Terrible Rhinorrhea
Botched 3×11: Blowfish Lips and Crab Claw Bits
Botched 3×12: J-Cup Juggernaut
Botched 3×13: Here Comes Tummy Boo Hoo

Season 4

Botched 4×01: The Boob Fountain Of Youth
Botched 4×02: Comic Proportions

Season 5

Botched 5×01: The Real Boobs Of New Jersey
Botched 5×02: I Like Big Butts And I Did Not Die!
Botched 5×03: Double Bubble And No Butt Trouble

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