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Brief Plot SUmmary

Black-ish centers on an upper-middle-class black man who struggles to raise his children with some sense of cultural identity despite constant contradictions and obstacles coming from his liberal wife, old-school father, and his own assimilated, color-blind kids.

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Sep/24/2014

Casts: Miles Brown; Tracee Ellis Ross; Anthony Anderson; Marcus Scribner; Marsai Martin; Yara Shahidi; Laurence Fishburne



Season 1

black-ish 1×01: Pilot
black-ish 1×02: The Talk
black-ish 1×03: The Nod
black-ish 1×04: Crazy Mom
black-ish 1×05: Crime and Punishment
black-ish 1×06: The Prank King
black-ish 1×07: The Gift of Hunger
black-ish 1×08: Oedipal Triangle
black-ish 1×09: Colored Commentary
black-ish 1×10: Black Santa / White Christmas
black-ish 1×11: Law of Attraction
black-ish 1×12: Martin Luther Skiing Day
black-ish 1×13: Big Night, Big Fight
black-ish 1×14: Andre from Marseille
black-ish 1×15: The Dozens
black-ish 1×16: Parental Guidance
black-ish 1×17: 30 Something
black-ish 1×18: Sex, Lies and Vasectomies
black-ish 1×19: The Real World
black-ish 1×20: Switch Hitting
black-ish 1×21: The Peer-ent Trap
black-ish 1×22: Please Don’t Ask, Please Don’t Tell
black-ish 1×23: Elephant in the Room
black-ish 1×24: Pops, Pops, Pops

Season 2

black-ish 2×01: The Word
black-ish 2×02: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun
black-ish 2×03: Dr. Hell No
black-ish 2×04: Daddy’s Day
black-ish 2×05: Churched
black-ish 2×06: Jacked O’ Lantern
black-ish 2×07: Charlie in Charge
black-ish 2×08: Chop Shop
black-ish 2×09: Man at Work
black-ish 2×10: Stuff
black-ish 2×11: Plus Two Isn’t a Thing
black-ish 2×12: Old Digger
black-ish 2×13: Keeping Up with the Johnsons
black-ish 2×14: Sink or Swim
black-ish 2×15: Twindependence
black-ish 2×16: Hope
black-ish 2×17: Any Given Saturday
black-ish 2×18: Black Nanny
black-ish 2×19: The Leftovers
black-ish 2×20: Johnson & Johnson
black-ish 2×21: The Johnson Show
black-ish 2×22: Super Rich Kids
black-ish 2×23: Daddy Dre-Care
black-ish 2×24: Good-ish Times
black-ish 2×25: Good-ish Times

Season 3

black-ish 3×01: VIP
black-ish 3×02: God
black-ish 3×03: 40 Acres and a Vote
black-ish 3×04: Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man?
black-ish 3×05: The Purge
black-ish 3×06: Jack of All Trades
black-ish 3×07: Auntsgiving
black-ish 3×08: Being Bow-racial
black-ish 3×09: Nothing but Nepotism
black-ish 3×10: Just Christmas, Baby
black-ish 3×11: Their Eyes Were Watching Screens
black-ish 3×12: Lemons
black-ish 3×13: Good Dre Hunting
black-ish 3×14: The Name Game
black-ish 3×15: I’m a Survivor
black-ish 3×16: One Angry Man
black-ish 3×17: Toysrn’tus
black-ish 3×18: Manternity
black-ish 3×19: Richard Youngsta
black-ish 3×20: What Lies Beneath
black-ish 3×21: Sister, Sister
black-ish 3×22: All Groan Up
black-ish 3×23: Liberal Arts
black-ish 3×24: Sprinkles

Season 4

black-ish 4×01: Juneteenth: The Musical
black-ish 4×02: Mother Nature
black-ish 4×03: Elder. Scam.
black-ish 4×04: Advance to Go (Collect $200)
black-ish 4×05: Public Fool
black-ish 4×06: First and Last
black-ish 4×07: Please Don’t Feed the Animals
black-ish 4×08: Charity Case
black-ish 4×09: Sugar Daddy
black-ish 4×10: Working Girl
black-ish 4×11: Inheritance
black-ish 4×12: Bow Knows
black-ish 4×13: Unkept Woman
black-ish 4×14: R-e-s-p-e-c-t
black-ish 4×15: White Breakfast
black-ish 4×16: Things Were Different Then
black-ish 4×17: North Star
black-ish 4×18: Black Math
black-ish 4×19: Dog Eat Dog World
black-ish 4×20: Fifty-Three Percent
black-ish 4×21: Blue Valentime
black-ish 4×22: Collateral Damage
black-ish 4×23: Dream Home

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