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BattleBots promises to wow viewers with next generation robots—bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. The show will focus on the design and build of each robot, the bot builder backstories, their intense pursuit of the championship and the spectacle of the event.

Genre: Competition, Discovery/Science

Start Date: Jun/21/2015

Casts: Molly McGrath



Season 1

BattleBots 1×01: The Battle Begins: Qualifiers (1)
BattleBots 1×02: Crunch Time: Qualifying Round (2)
BattleBots 1×03: Full Metal Bracket: Round of 16
BattleBots 1×04: Last Chance to Advance: Round of 16
BattleBots 1×05: The Great 8: Quarterfinals
BattleBots 1×06: One Bot Rules Them All: The Championship

Season 2

BattleBots 2×01: BattleBots: The Gears Awaken
BattleBots 2×02: Robots Activate: Qualifying Round Begins
BattleBots 2×03: There Will Be Bot Blood: The Qualifying Round Concludes
BattleBots 2×04: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bracket: The Round of 32
BattleBots 2×05: Shake, Battle and Roll: The Round of 32
BattleBots 2×06: The Good, the Bot and the Ugly: The Round of 32 Concludes
BattleBots 2×07: Not So Sweet 16: The Round of 16 Part 1
BattleBots 2×08: Not So Sweet 16: The Round of 16 Part 2
BattleBots 2×09: Gr8 Expectations: The Quarterfinals
BattleBots 2×10: One Shining Bot: The Championship

Season 3

BattleBots 3×01: Nightmare vs. Slam Job, Shish-ka-bot 1.1 vs. Trilobot, Minion vs. Ogre, Double Agent vs. Turbo, Toro vs. World Peace
BattleBots 3×02: Hammertime vs. Vladiator, Toe Crusher vs. Dr. Inferno Jr., Little Sister vs. Gammatron, S.T.C.W.R. vs. Complete Control, Bad Attitude vs. T-Wrex, Hexadecimator vs. Fork-n-Stein
BattleBots 3×03: Ziggo vs. Wacker, Vlad vs. Mechavore, CUAD the Crusher vs. Techno Destructo, BattleRat vs. Crash Test Dummy, Little Sister vs. Biohazard, Little Drummer Boy vs. Blade Runner
BattleBots 3×04: Rim Tin Tin vs. Hammerhead, Son of Whyachi vs. Nightmare, Omega-13 vs. Killerhurtz 7/31/2001 Chinkilla vs Student Bots demo, Sallad vs. Carnage Raptor, Ankle Biter vs. F5, Blood Moon vs. Shaft
BattleBots 3×05: Rammstein vs. The Judge, Twin Paradox vs. Deadblow, I-Beam vs. Greenspan, Sisyphus vs. Death by Monkeys, Tazbot vs. Golddigger, Overkill vs. M.O.E., Voltronic vs. Bacchus
BattleBots 3×06: Blood Moon vs. Mouser Mecha Catbot, Zion vs. Hazard, SABotage vs. Double Agent, T-Minus vs. Sunshine Lollibot, Dawn of Destruction vs. Diesector, Wedge of Doom vs. Wacky Compass
BattleBots 3×07: Ziggo vs. Shrike, Tazbot vs. Biohazard, Phere vs. Toro, Diesector vs. Rammstein, Techno Destructo vs. Vladiator, Chinkilla vs LaMachine, DreadN, Ginsu
BattleBots 3×08: Killerhurtz vs. Hexadecimator, Electric Lunch vs. Minion, Mechavore vs. Son of Whyachi, Son of Whyachi vs. Hexadecimator, Overkill vs. Biohazard, Son of Whyachi vs. Biohazard
BattleBots 3×09: Herr Gepoünden vs. Dr. Inferno Jr., T-Minus vs. T-Wrex, Gamma Raptor vs. Mouser Mecha Catbot, Vladiator vs. Diesector, Minion vs Toro, Minion vs. Vladiator
BattleBots 3×10: T-Wrex vs. Hazard, Little Drummer Boy vs. Sabotage, Little Drummer Boy vs. Hazard, Sallad vs. Dr. Inferno Jr., Gamma Raptor vs. Wedge of Doom, Dr. Inferno Jr. vs. Gamma Raptor

Season 4

BattleBots 4×01: Phrizbee vs. Death Star, Ravager vs. T-Minus, Phantom Thrust vs. The Probe, Scrap Daddy Surplus vs. Wedge of Doom, Trimangle vs. Vladiator, Shark Byte vs. KillerB, Ziggo vs. Snowflake
BattleBots 4×02: Ziggo vs. Serial Box Killer, Eradicator vs. Swirlee, Maximus vs. Pharmapac, Toe Crusher vs. Low Blow, Malvolio vs. Bad Attitude, Bender vs. Little Sister, Tentomoushi 7.0 vs Wedge of Doom
BattleBots 4×03: Surgeon General vs. Frostbite, Hazard vs. Timmy, Short Order Chef vs. T-Minus, Slap ‘Em Silly vs. Mouser Catbot, El Diablo Grande vs. Slam Job, Marvel of Engineering vs. PyRAMidroid, El Diablo vs. Turtle Road Kill
BattleBots 4×04: Son of Whyachi vs. Swirlee, Mechavore vs. Towering Inferno, Afterthought vs. Slap Em Silly, Carnage Raptor vs. Whirligig, Atomic Wedgie vs. Ogre, Phrizbee vs. Hexadecimator, The Matador vs. Omega 13
BattleBots 4×05: Heavy Metal Noise vs. T-Minus, Ziggo vs. Wedge of Doom, Toro vs. Maximus, Ziggo vs. Death By Monkeys, Minion vs. No Apologies, Hammertime vs. The Judge, Ziggo vs. The Big B
BattleBots 4×06: Toro vs. The Judge, Ogre vs. Techno Destructo, Junkyard Offspring vs. Nightmare, Ronin vs. Diesector, New Cruelty vs. Odin II, Toro vs. Vladiator, Techno Destructo vs. Diesector
BattleBots 4×07: Little Blue Engine vs. Toro, Stealth Terminator vs. Center Punch, Diesector vs New Cruelty, Toro vs. New Cruelty, Silverback vs. Agitator, Pack Raptors vs. Sabotage
BattleBots 4×08: Sabotage vs. Hazard, Huggy Bear vs. Double Agent, Mauler 5150 vs. Jabberwock, Silverback vs. Tazbot, Complete Control vs. Psychotron, BattleRat vs. Nightmare, Bad Attitude vs. Complete Control
BattleBots 4×09: The Matador vs. M.O.E., Hazard vs. El Diablo, Overkill vs Mechavore, Biohazard vs. Nightmare, Killerhurtz vs Little Sister, Shark Byte vs Hexadecimator, Slam Job vs. FrenZy, Killerhurtz vs. Surgeon General
BattleBots 4×10: Heavy Metal Noise vs. Hazard, Complete Control vs. Zion, Surgeon General vs. Hexadecimator, Hazard vs. Complete Control, Surgeon General vs. Overkill, Biohazard vs. Tazbot, Biohazard vs. Overkill

Season 5

BattleBots 5×00:
BattleBots 5×01: Warhead vs. Darkstar-2J, Ziggo vs. Code:BLACK, Son of Whyachi vs. Steel Reign, Moebius vs. Ankle Biter
BattleBots 5×02: Backlash vs. Burning Metal, Wee Willy Wedgy vs. Little Drummer Boy, M.O.E. vs. Stealth Terminator, Slap ‘Em Silly vs. Rambite 2.0
BattleBots 5×03: Wedge of Doom vs. Wireless Wonder, Twin Paradox vs. S.O.B., Codebreaker vs. Techno Destructo, Nightmare vs. Warhead
BattleBots 5×04: Hazard vs. Misty the WounderBot, Patriot vs. Sallad, Matador vs. frenZy, The Judge vs. No Apologies
BattleBots 5×05: Wrath Jr. vs. Complete Control, Toro vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate, Pro-AM vs. Vladiator
BattleBots 5×06: Gammacide vs. Dreadnought, Sublime vs. Death By Monkeys, Final Destiny vs. Gray Matter
BattleBots 5×07: Vlad the Impaler II vs. Spitfire, T-Minus vs. TriDent, Ringmaster vs. Tazbot
BattleBots 5×08: Iceberg vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate, Final Destiny vs. Diesector, El Diablo vs. Ankle Biter
BattleBots 5×09: Minion vs. Codebreaker, Ankle Biter vs. The Master, Hazard vs. Blade Runner
BattleBots 5×10: Hexy Jr. vs. Sallad, Atomic Wedgie vs. Maximus, Greenspan vs. Biohazard
BattleBots 5×11: S.O.B. vs. T-Wrex, T-Minus vs. Double Agent, BattleRat vs. Overkill
BattleBots 5×12: Warhead vs. Matador, Diesector vs. Dreadnought, Mauler 51-50 vs. Mechavore
BattleBots 5×13: Dr. Inferno Jr. vs. Tentomushi, No Apologies vs. Son of Whyachi, Huggy Bear vs. Bad Attitude
BattleBots 5×14: Sabotage vs. Zion, Slap ‘Em Silly vs. Wedge of Doom
BattleBots 5×15: Ankle Biter vs. Turtle, T-Minus vs. Huggy Bear, Hazard vs. Zion
BattleBots 5×16: Turtle vs. S.O.B, T-Minus vs. Hazard, S.O.B. vs. T-Minus (Middleweight Finals)
BattleBots 5×17: Biohazard vs. Mechavore, Warhead vs. Overkill, Aces & Eights vs. Hexadecimator, Biohazard vs. Voltronic (Heavyweight Finals)
BattleBots 5×18: Vladiator vs. Codebreaker, Diesector vs. Hammertime, Maximus vs. Iceberg
BattleBots 5×19: Wedge of Doom vs. Code Black, Dr. Inferno vs. Gamma Raptor, Wedge of Doom vs. Dr. Inferno Jr. (Lightweight Finals)
BattleBots 5×20: Vladiator vs. Maximus, Diesector vs. New Cruelty, Vladiator vs. Diesector (Super Heavyweight Finals)

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