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Brief Plot SUmmary

In this mis-matched buddy cop dramedy, an amazingly handsome, happy-go-lucky FBI agent is paired with a local, hard scrabble Michigan homicide detective. As they solve crimes together, their polar opposite methods only slightly out weigh their disdain for each other. [Source: CBS] Stars Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters, Janet McTeer, Kal Penn, Aubrey Dollar and Edward Fordham, Jr.

Genre: Crime, Drama

Start Date: Mar/01/2015

Casts: Edward Fordham, Jr.; Janet McTeer; Josh Duhamel; Kal Penn; Aubrey Dollar; Dean Winters; Damon Herriman; Omar J. Dorsey; Rick Gonzalez; Carl Bressler; Liza Lapira; Meegan Kelleher; Kal Penn; Aubrey Dollar



Season 1

Battle Creek 1×01: The Battle Creek Way
Battle Creek 1×02: Syruptitious
Battle Creek 1×03: Man’s Best Friend
Battle Creek 1×04: Heirlooms
Battle Creek 1×05: Old Flames
Battle Creek 1×06: Cereal Killer
Battle Creek 1×07: Mama’s Boy
Battle Creek 1×08: Old Wounds
Battle Creek 1×09: Gingerbread Man
Battle Creek 1×10: Stockholm
Battle Creek 1×11: The Hand Off
Battle Creek 1×12: Homecoming
Battle Creek 1×13: Sympathy for the Devil

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